Singspiration II: Way maker

God is a way maker
He parted the Red Sea
He tore down the walls of Jericho
He led the a lost Moses through the wilderness to Midian

God is a miracle worker
He turned water into win
He fed the 5000
He made the blind man see

God is a promise keeper
He gave Hannah a Son
He put David on the throne
He brought the children of Israel to the land promised to Abraham
God is light in darkness
Persecuting Saul to Preaching Paul
Violent Simon to Peaceful Peter
Deceiving Jacob to Trusting Israel

God has a way of turning our darkness into light. 
He has turned my darkness into light
He wants to turn your darkness into light

Inspired by the song below. 


David Brown said...

Fine and true words - what a God we have!

Adedayo Adeniyi said...

I love this song!
Its ministered to me through so many moments!
Your words hit home.....