Singspiration I : Pressure

Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, or Professor
Those are the options, laid out as petitions by your well-meaning parents in an attempt to direct your ambition.

Deacon, Minister, Youth Leader or Worship Coordinator
Those are the church positions, that the nominating committee discussions have recommended you for based on your previous exhibition of religion.

White, Black, Senior Citizen, Teenager,
Parent, Child, Single-Mother, Adult Learner
Each label comes laden with a collection of expectations that influences our actions.
Each minute we live seems orchestrated by the titles we aspire to obtain or in other situations maintain.

Expectations that must be met
and so the pressure builds, with each breath,
scaring us to death —the death of individuality and uniqueness.

And yet the only Wise One silently calls your name.
What will it be?
A life defined as success by society or a life of service defined by God.

It is easy to substitute the voice of the well-meaning multitude for the silence of the One.
It is so easy to succumb to the need to fulfill their expectations than wait in anticipation for direction for the One.

Teach me Lord to live to please ONLY YOU, my true audience of one.

Inspired by the song below