Day 13: Busy

Being busy
is barely being able to enjoy beauty.
The degree to which we pursue our "duty"
prevents us from smiling freely,
seeing clearly,
and accepting mercy.
But He Has come to give us life more abundantly.

Thank You Father for snippets of mercy in this "busy" world

Day 12: Anxiety

Anxiety can mask one's misery
until you become weary
of the mask of fake piety.
Weakly, each step in this journey
leaves you feeling unworthy
cuz you stuck in this valley.
Blurry eyes filled with tears
 prevents you from seeing clearly
that He is still always there

I revisit the fact that in each alley God is there. He is ALWAYS THERE. Thank You for being in the valleys and alleys of my life.

Day 11: Vengence

Vengence slips slowly as you recall what a nuisance
it was to be in her presence.
But the very essence of saying good riddance
must be considered as an absence of patience

Lord I NEED Patience, I thank You for how patient You have been with me.

Day 10: Pleasure

The best way to measure a life drive by pleasure
is to simple ask Where is your treasure?

Thank You Lord for God for the pleasure found in knowing You.

Day 9: Anger

Consumed by anger,
driven by the urge to plunder
and destroy another.
Fruitless attempts to conquer,
leave you drifting without an anchor.
This cannot be the answer.
Then I hear a voice whisper,
"Just surrender to the splendor of His Love."

Thank you God for the opportunity to surrender it all to you

Day 8: Election

Every four years there is an election
to chart the course of the nation's direction.
It's your opportunity to make a selection
which could possibly end in one person's elevation
Every day there is an election
to chart the course of your soul's direction.
You've got an opportunity to make a selection
that will determine your elevation on the day of salvation.

Thank You Father for allowing us the opportunity to make our calling and election sure

Day 7: Strife

Forget all the strife
Today I'm just thanking God for my life

Day 6: Beaten

I've been beaten and bruised
Used and abused
But I refuse to be confused
I refuse to let the evil one diffuse my joy.
Don't get it twisted cuz
The battle has been won, a very long long time ago.

Elections and all that jazz.
I'm celebrating the fact that Jesus has already beaten the devil
He SLAM DUNKED it 2000 years ago.
Thank you Father for this VICTORY that will shape eternity

Day 5: Decide

The downside of falling flat on your backside,
is that you now must put aside
pride and decide on which side
to get up from.
While onlookers preside,
critique, and provide unnecessary advice
you take it all in stride, 
still on your backside
I know this one is a stretch.
But go along with me for one more minute.
You get to decide where you spend eternity.
Each time you fall, you still have the choice to get up
Thank You God for second chances and the gift of your Son

Day 4: There

The worst feeling is to be made aware
that there exist beneath this level of despair,
another - tis a nightmare.
Each gasp for air seems like warfare
but hope is not lost, because no matter where you are
Jesus will meet you there.
Thank You Lord for sending Jesus to our rescue each and every time

Day 3: Stress

Mounting stress
gives way to distress
as the mind tries to suppress
the mess our hands can't address.
But blessed is the one who finds rest
and can confess that You alone are God.

Thank You Lord for the gift of the Sabbath, a day to tune out stress and rest in Your grace

Day 2: Struggling to breathe

Each death reminds me
that each breath is a gift
To lift high His name,
is the only reason why I exist
To make the Invisible One visible
to you 
Thank You Lord for the ability to breathe

Day 1: A Cold

I have a cold
but I've been told
that He who holds
 the universe will not withold
His healing but instead will enfold
me in His arms of love
Thank you Lord for enfolding me in your arms of love