Be the light

Are you sick of living in a world where sin is glorified and purity is decried
Are you tired of seeing the evil succeed and the honest recede into the shadows?
Does the shallow obsessive preoccupation with meaningless reality shows fill you with sorrow?
Do you mourn the loss of innoence evident in a child's taunting gaze and weigh the screenplays filled with violence with dismay?
Are you moved to tears by the images of starving children and filled with rage over warlords recruiting children to commit atrocities?
Do you bemoan the pervasiveness of sexual promscuity in our society and wish for a simpler time where being a virgin wasn't seen as a crime?

Do not curse the darkness, light a candle - Chinese proverb
As a Christian it is easy to complain and describe in great detail the degradation of our society. It is second nature to gravitate towards other Christians and spend your time in a bubble of spiritual ecstasy but a candle in a lit room is useless, so let's step out and be a light in the darkness.

I can't stop a person from getting sexually assualted every 2 minutes in the US, keep someone from dying from hunger on this planet ever 3.6 seconds or end the conflict in Syria but I can help speed up Christ's return. He only comes when everyone in this generation has heard the gospel.

I will try to do what these words say and help get the word out, will you join mii?

The year is almost over.
I want October to count for something.
I want to be a light and offer refuge to those who don't have hope.

Another September 11

My mind replays that morning every year on this day.
I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing minutes before 9 a.m.
I picked up and heard my sister shouting at mii "Kemi get your butt over here ooo we have been packing since 7 and you are still in bed".
You see my uncle was moving from Berrien Springs to Indianapolis that day and the previous night we had been up till around 2 a.m. packing boxes. So I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, and on my way to the front door, I turned on the TV to get the highlights from CNN as was my custom. My desensitized soul first thought it was a movie clip on CNN until I read the headlines at the bottom of the screen. 

I remember that day and every year I wonder if those who died would ask for a second chance at life. 
A few minutes ago I saw the video clip of Aimee Copeland (the young lady from Georgia who was infected with flesh eating bacteria earlier this year) and her appreciation for life leaves me speechless. Because everyday i complain. 


Every single day I find one reason to complain. 
She is missing all her fingers and toes, hands and feet, and yet she thanks God for life. 

I don't know what September 11 means to you, but this video is an indictment for mii.

Air is a gift. 
The ability to breathe it freely is a lottery ticket worth celebrating.
Thank You Jesus for this day of life.