Olympians 7: The Disciples

How does someone with no toes stand? For each toe is necessary for balance.
How does someone with no feet walk? For each bone and tendon plays a part.
How does someone with no legs run? I have absolutely no idea.
And yet, the story of Oscar, the 400m South African double amputee runner is proof that those seemingly without can achieve greatness.

How does someone with no schooling teach?
How does someone who grew up on the streets preach?
How do 11 untrained men driven by materialistic goals change the world?

Faith is confidence that what we hoped for will come to pass.

This isn't cookie-cutter faith that is assured by back up plans.
This is walk on water when you don't know how to swim kinda faith.

Do you have it?

Don't let anyone ever tell you that faith is easy, cuz it's not. The disciples followed Christ for 3 years and then preached like crazy after he left, but have you ever thought what that would look like in 2012. A bunch of men leaving their families and friends, selling their possessions and taking it to the streets. Talking to anyone and everyone about this guy who disappeared. Some would end up in detainment camps like Abu Gharib, while others were shot in the back. One was sentenced to die by electrocution but for some reason the volts weren't enough to zap him dry and then his pardon  from the Governor came through and so he got on a plane and went to spread the word. Blacklisted and ridiculed with only the clothes on their back, believing that what He spoke will come to pass, they pressed on. So the next time you are asked to serve and excuses cloud your mind remember ....

An Olympian believes that what they hoped for will come to pass
An Olympian dedicates mind, soul, body, to achieve their ultimate goal.
An Olympian does not cower behind their inadequacies, but focuses on their abilities
An Olympian is one who realizes that every mountain is just another stepping stoneto greatness

The disciples are Olympians