Olympian 11: Mary

One wrong decision and all his dreams went up in smoke
On Monday, Taoufik Makhloufi started the 800m race, dropped out and then was seen seconds later cheering the other runners along. I don't why he started the race in the first place, but it was a conscious choice on his part. This act got him kicked out of the Summer Games because the organizers believed he wasn't trying hard enough.

Second chance
His country protested and he was subsequently reinstated. On Tuesday, he showed the world that his effort was golden by winning the 1500m.

One wrong decision and all her dreams went up in smoke
I don't know how she ended up in that situation, caught red-handed with another woman's husband. But the fact remains that it was a conscious choice on her part. This act got her paraded in front of Jesus, barely clothed by the blood thirsty Pharisees.

Second chance
Jesus protested her treatment (not her sin) by pointing out to the Pharisees that nobody was in a position to judge. On Passover Sunday, she showed the world that her faith was true by being the first to run to the tomb to see if He had risen.

Sometimes we mess up and we have no one to blame but ourselves. The world acts as judge and jury and hands down a harsh sentence, but we have an Advocate who as long as we breathe offers us a second chance. I don't know what you have done in the past, but the next time someone tries to define your future by your poor past decisions remember that ...

An Olympian is one who learns from their mistakes
An Olympian is one who uses second chances to change their story
An Olympian is one who finds favor and grace in Christ and races past their past

Mary Magdalene is an Olympian


Jaycee (E.A) said...

"An olympian is one who learns from their mistakes..." I loved that line. The way you presented this using Taoufik's story really shed light on 'second chances.' He went back and won.