Olympians 4: Relay Team: Rack, Shack, Benny and Shazz

17 year old high school student from Aurora, Colorado wins big with a heavy heart. Missy Franklin won her first gold medal today and set a new American record.

"Right now, all of my races are dedicated back home to Colorado,"
12 people dead, 58 people injured.
The shooting shocked a desensitized nation bent on pleasure and struck chords of terror in the heart of many parents.
"No matter how well I do, I'm going to give my best in every single race, and every single race, I'm going to have that Colorado incident on my mind."
She got on a plane, knowing that her life is a gift that must honor those whose story has ended and even with the pain still fresh, she did just that.
As blood ran down the streets, Shadrach paused to get one last look at the burning stump which represented all that was left of the tree he climbed countless times as a boy.
Meshach mumbles a prayer for sanity, and thanks God that his mother's death came before his younger sister's repeated violation by the Babylonian troops.
Hands tied behind their back, with their feet shackled, united in misery and in bondage. their minds forever seared with the images they left behind, they wonder what the future would hold.
By the river of Babylon, Abednego bends to slake his thirst and silently washes his tear stained face as he remembers Mount Zion and his father's butchered corpse at its foothills.
Belteshazzar looks ahead, scared that if he glances his faith would fail and his body would crumble beneath the burning heat. He recalls the ranshacked temples walls, the bodies in the street and asks, "Father why am I still standing"

Stripped of their names, dignity and pride, wealth and position, family and culture, ridiculed and possibly castrated.
Medal 1: But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies. Daniel 1:8


Familial problems have a way of making us docile. They strike at our core and so we retreat to lick our wounds and pray for delieverance, sometimes abandoning the call Christ has placed in our hearts for lost souls. I've tried in the past to fix my family, but I'm beginning to realize that I can't solve all their problems. I've resented God at times because He has allowed things to happen, and point blank told him "When you fix my family, I will go preach to the needy." So if you are like me, the next time you feel overwhelmed by the dangers close to home, pray and remember that ...

An olympian is one who uses each breath to make a difference
An olympian is one who doesn't use their family situation as a crutch
An olympian is one who despite the setbacks and degradation, still presses on
An olympian is one who trusts God to take care of their families when all else fails
Rack, Shack, Benny and Shazz are Olympians

Medal 2: .... will be discussed when the track relays start (Jamaica!!!)


Tolu Odulesi said...

Thank you for fleshing out this story. It helps

Kafo Ola said...

Tolu thanks for stopping by. I wish I had the gift of writing and then I could flesh out the story of these young men verse by verse. In Dan. 3:18 they say "But if not" and those words still send chills down my spine (will talk about that later). Have a blessed weekend

Tolu Odulesi said...

I have also wondered about that - wondered if they tot about their families at that time - maybe they tot about their kids or wives and what they would miss. Maybe they had promised an upcoming vacation and it might all be going down in flames, literally

You do have a gift for writing and it is influencing lives. Thank you again. Have a splendid week ahead