Olympian 3: Nameless Boy

Majorie Gestring was 13 years old and 268 days when she won the Olympic gold medal in competitive springboard diving.  This event happened in 1936. The new age limit for Olympic atheletes is 14 so this record will never be broken again. During the final competition she went head to head with 21 year old Dorothy Poynton-Hill and 18 year old Katherine Louise Rawls and won. Despite this being her first international competition she steped onto the diving board and lept off with all her might and won.

Rewind a couple thousand years. Sitting on a portruding rock, tired from walking all morning to hear the Rabbi speak, he cranes his neck to the left to catch a glimpse of the great man and the rumble in his belly reminds him of the sack his mother had packed the night before. It was supposed to be his breakfast but he was in such a hurry to get here that he still hadn't eaten it. As he opens his breakfast-turned-dinner he hears others around him grumble about being hungry and says a silent prayer. He opens his mouth to take a bite of the fried fish when he feels a tap on his shoulder. It's Andrew, one of the Rabbi's disciples and initially he is scared, wondering if he is sitting on a special rock but then Andrew says "We need your food" and he just stares. Andrew realizing the boy doesn't understand says to him gently this time "The master wants your food". As he remembered the walk up to the mountain, and the words he had heard, he knew deep in his heart that even if he had to go to bed hungry, he would do whatever he could to help the Master. And so he lifts his bag to Andrew and says "Take it and use it"

Okay so maybe I'm stretching John 6:9 a lil' bit.
But here is my question.
Was the nameless kid the ONLY person out of 5000 who had brought a packed lunch?

This boy reminds us that God will use the little we have as long as we surrender it to him so the next time you feel too young or inexperienced remember that ...

An Olympian is one who doesn't let their age restrain them
An Olympian is one who realizes that little is much when God is in it
Nameless kid with lunch sack is an olympian


Jennifer Abayowa said...

Awwwwwwwwww...I loved this!!! Thanks for sharing on the 3rd Olympian, Kafo...this took my breath away as well as added some inspiration to my bones. Thanks.

Kafo said...

It never occured to me until last night, there had to be at least 1 other person in the crowd with food. God is good oooo cuz His word is new every morning