Olympian 2: Noah

Ian Millar, aka Captain Canada, will set a new record in London, by competing in his 10th Olympic Games. He has competed in every game since 1972, except for the 1980 games in Russia which was boycotted by Canada.


Over 70 % of this year Olympic hopefuls were not even an embroyo when he started competing.
So one would wonder, that with that many games behind him, he should have plethora of medals, right?
The only medal Ian has, he obtained at the Beijing Games in 2008, which means that he kept on going, kept on competing, kept on losing and still stayed in the game.

God was disgusted with humanity and realized that in order to save them, he needed to clean the earth of their evil stench, down to the birds and bees.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Gen 6:8

Noah found grace and spent the next 120 years preaching and building an ark.

Question, does that really sound like grace?

It is easy in hindsight to look at the people in the ark as the blessed ones but for the 120 years leading up to the flood, they were despised. Noah was ridiculed, boycotted, because he kept on going, kept on building, even though it appeared he was wasting his time.

Do you ever feel like the time you have spent is wasted.
God called you and gave you a mission, and some days it might feel like you are stuck in neutral while other speed on by, accumulating medals and results, degrees and houses, cars and positions an Don't give up 'cuz ...

An olympian is not one that gives up because life gets hard.
An olympian is not one that allows loss to change their course.
An olympian is not one that allows ridicule to dampen their spirit.
An olympian does not reach for the certain but aspires for that which is uncertain.

Noah is an olympian.


iNyamu(FQ) said...

God bless you for this.
I've never really thought about how bad Noah must have had it in the years it took to complete the ark.

Grace takes us through our time of labor to our place of rest in purpose.

Can't wait for the next olympian.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

This is so true ---> "...some days it might feel like you are stuck in neutral while other speed on by..."

That's why we just need to enjoy His presence daily, He can see the end from the beginning while we can't. We need to, as Paul encouraged us, stay in our lanes and run our race well.

I loved this!!!!

Kafo said...

@Erere: I'm trying to NOT talk about Paul, but it is going to be very very very hard. Hi beautiful.

@ iNyamu: God is blessing me sooo much, each day I dig a lil' deeper and find faith to help mii. Thanks for stopping by.