I've been tweeting snippets of grace more than I've been writing (blogging and recording spoken Word bites) but I want to change that in this next month.

Because the best time to start a new year's resolution is not at the beginning of the year but half way through because you have the failure of the past to spur you on to ulitize the present to change the future.

At least that is what I am telling myself.
I'm not a huge fan of the Olympics mainly because I believe the whole country-counting-medals exercise beautifies the effect that colonization, slavery, imperlism, forced immigration and capitalism has had on this planet.
I love the personal stories of people who have defied statistics and personal tragedies to reach this stage.

And sooooo
I was on Jaycee's blog yesterday and a thought occured to mii after reading her post on David. I need to do a series on Biblical Olympians. People in the Bible who ran their race and laid it all on the line. People who came from nothing and yet with God on their side inspire us to strive to succeed.
The London Olympics starts in 27 days and so starting tomorrow with Olympian Caleb I will tryand highlight a few of most worthy but least unsung Olympians.

My brain is clogged with all this computer science junk so please feel free to let me know which Bible Olympians I should cover. (Except David, Jaycee already covered that one beautifully)

I don't know about you, but somedays I'm so consumed with the rat race of this life that I am blissfully unaware of the many afflictions that are eclipsed by God's glory. David Crowder's words of being unaware of the spiritual warfare around us prompted me to create this Kafoduction.


iNyamu(FQ) said...

Thank God for the eclipsed afflictions...

Looking forward to reading about the Olympians... Jesus? I mean he ran the race to the finish, despite the persecution and all, rose from a manger, born as an ordinary man, died like a criminal, and rose to reign as a king. There's Joseph... and there's Saul/Paul, started the race as Saul, ended as Paul... gold medalist there :)

Ok, maybe my brain is as clogged as yours... I give up.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

Oh my goodness, I am so excited! I had a sudden rush of excitement when I read this. It's going to be so inspirational for me reading about the lives of Olympians in the Bible, and to start with Caleb is just too exciting. I'm looking forward to this. Praise God.

Jennifer Abayowa said...

In addition to Joseph, David, & Paul, there's Abraham, Ruth, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, Habakkuk, Peter, John the One whom Jesus loved, John the Baptist (this one gives me goosebumps), and Timothy. Some of these we don't know about their full lives...but it'll be interesting to see what you're led to write.

Kafo said...

@ Erere: Wow. This list you have given me, hopefully I can do a couple. John the Baptist: hmmm let's just say that my last encounter with his story left me with more bruises than blessings.

@ iNyamu: thanks for the suggestions. Not sure I want to tackle Jesus I mean He is GOD, so him competing, ha i will have to think about that one. Have a blessed day.

Tessa Doghor said...

Sometimes i am unaware of the spiritual battles
The last few weeks i've been praying less like a robot and a dutiful child.
I think i was mad at God and so i wasn't communicating.
The sulking child in me hasn't quite grown up.
that said: i am communicating better but not as often as i'd like to.