525,600 minutes later

Have you ever been so close to a dream that you could taste it.
Breathing in the fragrance of fulfillment while you gaze on its lush curves
Drowning in its beauty you reach out to touch, and then discover, it's only a dream not reality.

So I'm there and back again.

Today is (was) my birthday and ...
Today was hard.

I can't seem to find the words and so when words fail, I borrow them. Enjoy this quote written by Andrew Murray to himself as he lay incapacitated on a sick bed. Moments after completing it, a women came seeking encouragement and so he gave it to nourish her soul. I found the picture while going through earthquake images from Haiti (2010) and fusing the two together was my birthday present to myself.

God is so good
God is so good
God is so good
He's so good to mii.


dosh said...

Happy birthday darlyn! God is good and He is faithful and He shows up, you will not believe all that i've been through if i tell you and if not for God who has been on my side i don't know where i would be.

God will show up! The place of waiting is hard but when we go slow and grow His essence of all that He is is even more obvious. God bless you so much and i pray that continues to strengthen you and be there for you now and always

Blessing said...

Wow that was awesome!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR, Wish you many more!!!

May God bless you with all your heart's desires and each and every one of your dreams come true!!!

fantasy queen said...

Happy belated birthday...

I LOVE THAT QUOTE... I was reflecting on something related to this today. God is still God in every situation and he is great even in our pain... God is good indeed.

Daydah said...

Reflecting already....awesome quote...
Thanks for sharing, and hope you had a good time that day.