Data -> Wisdom

It all starts with data
Data  is represented by matter and energy
Information is the pattern of organization of matter and energy
Knowledge is information given meaning
Wisdom is knowledge applied to a situation.

 Snapping synapses
A dozen genies in a bottle
How is knowledge created?

0.5 seconds in iconic memory
Unless it’s rehearsed, it gets 30 seconds max in working memory
and then it’s replaced or encoded and stored
How does information get saved in your long term memory.

Dates and faces, times and places
How-to-do’s and the color of your favorites shoes
What clues would you need to remember the exact location of each stored information?

To recall is to remember
To forget ....
To forget is the decay or displacement of unrehearsed or displaced information
Misfiled and made inaccessible by faulty retrieval cues.
Failure to retrieve leads to sticky situations
Each station you reach is a gift not a right.
Each fact you recall is part of a bigger process.

I have run out of things to say, can't seem to string it together and so I'll let E.G.W words take over.

I'm not an artist, but I'm beginning to appreciate fusing one person's pictures with another person's thoughts. This is the third one in the series hope you like it, it is dedicated to all those going thru' exams right now.


I stumbled upon this verse by accident two days ago.
No. God divinely intercepted my path with this verse.
And as I photoshoped it with this beautiful picture, I was reminded of His love that winks at my childish dreams, eclispes afflictions with His glory, and orders my steps.
Quantifying the depths of His love would take eternity
and so I practice now for my eternal worship service above.