An Interview with Christian Smith on “The Bible Made Impossible”

It has been a month since I last posted, and it's not because I have nothing to say.
I'm almost never speechless.
No, my silence has been fueled by epistemic conflict.
What happens when you realize that what you thought was fact and truth was based in lies and pagan culture?
I'm beginning to question Christianity or should I say Churchianity mainly because of the Church as defined by Christians.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a born, bred, buttered Christian who follows all the ritualistic trimmings passed down by the apostles watered down by Constantine. Seriously. Not going to church is scary because I don't know what to do with that 4 hour block of time and so I sit and watch sermons online.

But still, we don't add up and we can't blame it on sin.
By WE: I mean the religion of Christianity

Anyway, it's late on a friday night and I see this blog post about interpretive pluralism

Which basically is Christians trying to interpret the Bible and ending up with different doctrines and agreeing that we are all right even though we don't agree.And it got me thinking back to my epistemic conflict

Do we not question because we are scared of the answers

How do you defend Baptism to your Hindu friend when Christians have 17 different forms, from immersion to sprinkling?
Okay so maybe, you don't get into religious conversations with your Buddist office mate, but doesn't it disturb you the fact that we can't agree on anything.
Instead we say
Oh we agree that Jesus loves us and died and that is all that matters,

Even though there are over 30000 verses in the Bible. If all He wanted was for us to agree on the fact of His Death, Resurrection and Redemptive Plan why did He give us the book of Revelation and Haggai?

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