I used to live in Indy and now they are hosting the superbowl and Tom Brady is in town,
The Patriots CANNOT and MUST NOT win, just for the sake of all Colt fans out there.

Anyway I saw this and knew I had to share it.

Okay so maybe it is a bit extreme,
but when I think of Arsenal and Man. City and Man. U and Liverpool games and how some take it so personally when their teams lose, I wonder.

Could it be that our obsession is worship.

Now I'm not talking about people that watch the superbowl as a social activity to hang out with friends. I'm referring to those who never missed an NFL game and have spent the whole year waiting for this climatic event. 

Most ladies aren't as obsessed with football, but what about Grey's or American Idol or the X Factor?
Do you plan your evening around it and if someone should DARE to call you when you are watching it how do react?

Spending a year in Nigeria was hard, not only because I missed my friends,
high speed internet and reliable electricity but also because in the
evenings, I couldn't drown out the weight of my sorrow with
TV shows. Now that I'm in Canada I have to make a
conscious effort to avoid the slippery slope that
is in the entertainment industry, and
this is hard

So ask yourself, could it be that the things that I look forward to watching, reading, and doing can become an idol?



Moradek said...

Yep. Idols are anything we use in place of God. i.e. red wine, sex, drugs, t.v., some jobs and the list goes on. Satan distracts us with earthly things in order to have 1 over God. As soon as we recognize it, he finds something else to distract us... #iPhone

Kafo said...

@ Moradek: he finds something else to distract us, never thought of it that way but I guess you are right.

lucasj2000 said...

Kemi! I havent checked your blog in a while. I am so glad you have an update here. WOW! Canada! That sounds so... interesting! Of course I can't help but to be happy for you, because in my selfish heart, it means that an ocean doesnt separate us anymore and the hope of one day seeing my friend again is more real. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and that I am happy for you. May the Lord use this new place and experience to fill the desires of your heat.
Keep in touch!
Love, love,

Kafo said...


okay I'm done,
I will email to get your number so we can talk.

Stay beautiful