An Extra Day With God

Imagine living in the year 46 B.C., it lasted 445 days. What would you do with extra 80 days?
Think about it, New Years would end up being sometime in March but it would still be January 1st.
School would resume, but students would still be in last term of 0045?
Women who gave birth to children would still have to claim the previous year, i'm not even sure what month they would use.
So for 80 days babies would be dateless but born in year 0045
Credit cards and bank machines would of course FAIL us.
This would cause mass histeria.
The more I think about it, the more thankful I am that I live in the 21st century.

So why the elongated year?
I'm glad you asked.  (LOL)
In 45 B.C., Julius Ceasar's astrologers discovered that earth orbits arounds the sun 365.242 days and so in an effort to get us back on track they lengthened one year by 80 days. And every four years after that added a day to the month of Febuary and hence began the leap year.

Why is a year 365 days?
    Because it takes the earth 365.242 days to rotate around the sun
Why is a month 29, 30 or 31 days?
    Because it takes the moon that many days to rotate around the earth
Why is a week 7 days?
    Because ...

There is no astronomical reason for a 7 day week, none.

Jesus spoke light into existence on Day 1, and the 4 days that followed He filled the earth.
On Day 6, He could have chosen to speak man into existence, but He didn't
He got down on His knees and got His hands dirty with dirt,  formed Adam and breathed life into him

And then.... on Day 7, He was soo tired, He rested.
  1. All He did was speak for 5 days, that's not hard, I can speak for hours and not need to rest?
  2. On Day 6, he molded man and gave Him only ONE breath, He had countless breaths, it's like blowing one puff of air into a ballon, that's easy, right?
  3. Okay so even if what He did wasn't easy (IT WASN'T),  He is God, tired isn't in the vocabulary of the pre-incarnate Christ, He isn't bound by time or space, sweat didn't exist to the Trinity, metabolism is a joke, tissue regeneration isn't even a concept, talk less of an act that requires rest.  Mercy, it's GOD, regneration isn't even a word.

So why did He rest?
Why did He add another day to the creation story?
Why did He elongate our week by 1 day?



Mwajim Al said...

I want to say to teach us to rest? That seems like the typical answer.

Kafo said...

i guess the question that your comment brings to mii is do we really need a whole day to rest?

how are you
long time oooo
going to check your blog now

BBB said...

First time here
thought provoking post
i agree with mwajim

DesperateNaijaWoman said...

Hello Kafo, thanks for coming by my blog. I try to 'retaliate' asap. Lol! I read your last two blogs and I love the first one cos I had NEVER in my life thought about any of that. Lol! It felt good trying to think through all you wrote. Why an extra day? No clue........But am glad he did cos 7 is my fav number....I shall be back to check on what other people think. And the second blog I love too cos I am just (by God's grace) coming out of a very perplexing season and Lord knows, I won't be here BUT for him. Be well!

Kafo said...

@ DNW: Just heard some bad news about a robbery break in and i see your words about coming out of a very perplexing season, you are right , it is only by His grace, this made mii smile. thanks

@ BBB: thanks for stopping by

rethots said...


Kafo said...

@ rethots: u aren't angry will mii ooo, please don't be

dosh said...

Cos besides being the King of kings, Lord of lords and Creator of everything, He is also the Master of enjoyment galore!

Our God doesn't like stress o, afer 6 days of hardwork, Our Papa must have sat back, relaxed and stretched His feet on His wonderfully created footstool to rest and appreciate His work. And that's why (i guess) keeping the sabbath holy is not just about resting but also deliberately appreciating God. That one extra day is for resting in Him and with Him

*Michael Onobote* said...

Phew, Lets just say God was wowed at our good man was that he had to take a break from the awesomeness. LOL...I'm eager to hear your answer.

Kafo said...

@ ALL: I'm not big on answers, I try to leave that to the Holy Spirit (not always successful though because I confuse my opinions with answers, tsk tsk)

Daydah said...

Personally I think it was more about laying the foundation for man to follow. Look at all the traditions He insisted they uphold from the wilderness. Even before that, with Abraham, He established laws and traditions with man.
He definitely didn't need the rest at all - He is God Almighty afterall.
My two cents :)