Work in Progress

He created you, uniquelly beautiful, wonderfully complex in His image.
Make no mistake, you are planted on this earth for a purpose.
So find it and live it.

So it's a new year and I'm in a new country.
Actually on the New's Year Day I boarded a plane and left sunny Lagos for freezing Canada
not the best day or time of the year to switch vocations and locations
but through it all God has amazed mii at each step.

The itch to write came last week but I wasn't sure if this blog still had a purpose
and so I scratched my palms and looked at the snow flakes until the yearning left.

I have issues with pride, patience and peace.
Most days I keep pride tucked away where no one can see it
but the nature of the beast is that it has a way of sneaking up on you when you are least aware and I've had moments this year when I've fallen flat on my spiritual face and had no one to blame but myself.

I broke up with Anxiety and married Peace but it seems like at least once a week I still crave the illicit relationship I had with anxiety and so I wallow in worry.

I'll leave the discussion of Patience for another day.

And so now I realize that I must write, not because I have it figured out but because I need to chronicle the journey, the process, the snippets of grace in a maddening world. Growing up in the church, as a Christian you knew the law and you chose to either follow it or ignore it. I'm the good kid, who knew the law and did her best to follow it and when i fell short, kept up the appearance of GOOD. But what I've come to appreciate in this new year is that He wants us to testify of our struggles and  triumphs, our mess and our mission, the things that make us scream and those that make us praise. Because at the core, we are all just a work in progress, that will be completed on the day Christ returns.

And so the theme placed on my heart is WORK IN PROGRESS. My aim is to focus on the reality of the Christian walk and not the feel good messages we are spoon fed just to loosen our wallets or the 10 second soundbites the religious right gives to score political points.

So welcome to the discussion, feel free to be honest because the prayer that precedes all prayers as C.S. Lewis says is "May it be the real me that speaks ..."