May the grace of God chase after you
May you be slow enough that it overtakes you
Even on the days that you try and run
May His wisdom trip you up
May joy and peace cushion your fall
May happiness, peace and prosperity order each step you take

Why He came the way He did

He was born in a stinking smelly manger so that you can rest assured that regardless of your birth place you have a place in this world and a home up above

He was born to an unmarried virgin woman so that you can rest assured that regardless of the mystery or circumstance surrounding your birth you have a bright future

He was born into the lowest family in the heirarchy so that you can rest assured that regardless of your parents connections or lack thereof you have  access to greatness

He was born at the appointed time predetermined by God so that you can rest assured that God will make EVERYTHING beautiful in HIS time

He was born and placed in a human womb, bound by the laws of nature so that you can rest assured that God who created this world can and Will work inspite of this worlds limitations and laws.

He was born without fanfare or noise, without recognition or fame, recognized only by the lowly shepherd men so that you can rest assured and boldly approach the throne of God.

And even if none of these things above occured he still was born to save you and me and this alone should give us hope.
So be at peace
And rest assured
That He who began a good work in you WILL complete it

Only God Can

Only God Can
 Comfort us when we're mourning
 Heal us when we're hurting
 Mend us when we're broken

Only God Can
  Forgive us when we're guilty
  Rebuild us when we're ruined
  Show us when we're blind

Only God Can
  Humble is when we're proud
  Exalt us when we're humble
  Fill us when we're empty

Only God Can
  Guide us when we're lost
  Love us when we're hating
  And lift us when we're fallen

This was written by Robert Feteke who lives in Camden South Carolina I saw it and had to share it.

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