There's a full moon tonight.

Billions of miles away is a moon suspended in space and created by God.
Billions of seconds ago you were formed and created uniquely beautiful in your mothers womb.
Billions of days ago before the foundation of this world, God made a plan for salvation.

Before He created Adam, he had a plan to redeem Adam.
Before He created you, he had a plan to clean up your mess.

So tonight take a peek at the full moon and rest for a moment or two in the fact that He who created the moon, suspended it in space, taught it to reflect the sun's light and govern night and day Has made provision (in advance) for any mess you find yourself in today

God has made provision for my mess.


Awesome is HE.


dosh said...

I love the line "God has made provision for my mess". Beautifully written post, God bless you for sharing