A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away XVII

CHP 17 v. 3

The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, But the Lord tests the hearts (NKJV)

Silver is refined in the refining pot and gold is made pure in the furnace. The Lord chooses to refine and make pure out hearts with trials. That is the only explanation that you will get, so hold on, stand firm, seek His face and be encourages that He who began a good work in You is able and will complete it before Christ returns.

PRAYER: I want a better explanation God, I want you to punish the wicked and give mii at least 30 weeks of pleasure each year because I’m your child. This is what I want but you say gold is made pure in the furnace, so keep mii in the furnace until I reflect ONLY Your love. I know it hurts, but do what You need to Father. In the name of your son that intercedes daily on my behalf, I pray. Amen.


Tisha said...

Love what you wrote, straight up true
i am just not ready for any motion
just know i am in God's will
But if He decides to move, i'll be ready and in sync'...