A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away XII

CHP 12 v. 1

Anyone who loves learning accepts correction, but a person who hates being corrected is stupid. (NLT)

Is stupid. OUCH.

About 5 years ago, one of my fave. Pastors preached a sermon titled “ARE YOU TEACHABLE”, there were five main questions that were used to help us determine if we were teachable. The one that sticks in my mind is … DO YOU GET ANGRY WHEN PEOPLE CORRECT YOU?
Simple answer. Yes. I don’t like to be corrected. This feeling is rooted in pride, and I simmer when one points out the error of my ways to mii.

To be teachable is to be reachable, if you know it all, Solomon just comes right out and calls you stupid. Stupid people don’t make it into heaven because they are fools, fools who are full of themselves that there is no room for Christ to dwell in their hearts.

PRAYER: Lord please make me teachable.