A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away XI

CHP 11 v. 22

A beautiful woman without good sense is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout. (NCV)

Is a beautiful woman beautiful if she lacks common sense?
Wrong question.
What is the use of having a beautiful woman in your life if she lacks discretion?
She is likened to a gold ring on a pig. I don’t think I need to say anymore. I could go on and on and talk about our society norms and the value it places on blondes and size 2 models, but I’ll stop and say this.
If you are female I pray you are not useless and if you are male I pray that you will not become burdened with a beauty body cursed with an empty brain.

PRAYER: Lord, I have to admit that some days I pay more attention to my looks than I do my inner being, I groom and primp, tuck, snip and powder away the packaging oblivious to the fact that You care more about my heart and the way I love others than my looks. Help mii, so my inner beauty shines true for You this day.


Jaycee said...

I like this. :)