A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away: III


"Don't be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead fear the Lord and turn away from evil."

The smarter you think you are the less you fear God, the more you scheme and postulate, the more you sin. Case in point: King saul thought he knew it all, and so he decided to help God be God and do Samuel's job, nexxt thing you  know he is disobkeying God's command to destroy the Amalekites and sipping tea with the Witch of Endor. Slow and slippery but ultimately my wisdom will corrupt my spirituality.

Prayer: Lord save mii from my wisdom, reveal to mii the folly of my thinking so that I will always fear you and never willingly turn to evil.


NBB said...

If we rely on our wisdom, the less of God we think we need. Lovely prayer "Lord same me from my wisdom" I will be following this series.

Sugarcoated said...

Yeah,and the wisdom of Man is foolishness

dayor said...

Hmm..AMEN @NBB's prayer

We take God for granted, when we think we know him...

I just passed on the one lovely blog award to you. Please see my blog for details.

Kafo said...

@ NBB: today i heard a message about Hilter declaring that He didn't need God, the statement was published in 1941 just before the tide of the war changed and he started to lose, there is something to be said for trusting in God, thanks for stopping by.

@ Sugarcoated: :)

@ dayor: will stop by your blog

CHAYIL said...

Kafo....God bless you for sharing the wisdom of this love letter/Life manual He has written to us. I get so scared sometimes when I am tempted to glory in me an my seeming magnanimous accomplishment(s). It takes the grace of God to be constantly reminded that in my might, I am absolutely NOTHING. So I join you in praying that our dear Lord will save me from the snares of my wisdom, and reveal to me daily the folly of my thinking...that I will never cease to fear Him...and Him alone.

God bless you dear.