A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away VII

CHP 7 V. 3

'Tie them on your fingers as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart'   (NLT)
'…etch it on the chambers of your heart.' (MSG)
The preceding proverbs says to obey my commands and guard my instructions but it takes it a lil’ bit further in verse 3 when it says tie it to your fingers. Have you ever tried to tie something to your fingers and not noticed it or tried to use your fingers and be totally unaware of what was on them? Impossible. You will constantly be reminded of the object tied to your fingers. So I guess that is what the wise ones want us to do, to be so familiar with God’s commands that every action, every step we take requires us to first be reminded of His truth.

PRAYER: Lord I’m not there yet.  I take your word when it suits mii, when it is fashionable but I never let it inconvenience mii or cramp my lifestyle. Forgive mii Lord, You are Elohim so please forgive and etch your truth on the chambers of my heart so that each heartbeat is for you.