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I can't remember the last time I updated my blog. Ever since moving to Nigeria, internet connectivity has been infrequent but when there is a will there is a way so I really can't blame Internet

Some days I get the urge to write but thoughts only come out in snippets no longer am I blessed with full length poems

I find myself talking freestyle and voicing 5 minute messages, some days I will just record inspiring voice notes that when I replayed amaze even mii

It seems even in the messy parts of life, God still speaks. Sometimes its only five words that He gives that usher in peace and on other days its 3 minutes worth of heavenly insights.

I tried sharing these messages via audioboo but then the fire on campus destroyed what lil' internet we had left and audio files can't be uploaded using my phone so I'm believing that in the appointed time this rants, monologues will be shared.

Anyway so until something changes, this blog won't be updated, but you can follow me on twitter


Is my handle

I never understood the whole twitter phenomenon

(I never tried it, curiosity didn't even compel me to look at it from a purely academic standpoint, one would assume that any computer scientist born in the last 30 years would be vaguely interested)

until God started speaking in snippets and so snippets I will share
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Blessing said...

Following you!

Myne Whitman said...

see you there.

aloted said...

hey long time! will catch u on twitter!


Me4 Comm said...

not on twitter yet, when I register, I will follow you