Bank Issues

Between 8:30 pm Wednesday night and 9:35 am Thursday Morning
I visited my local bank 5 TIMES.

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Bank Issues (mp3)

So yeah,
Thank you Lord that the God I serve doesn’t need to be serviced
Thank you Lord that the God I serve allows me to boldly approach him
Thank you Lord that the God I serve knows my need before I even whisper it to him
Thank you Lord that the God I serve has everything he needs to meet ALL of my needs
Thank you Lord that the God I serve is always available regardless of man made holidays


Due to internet connectivity and electricity issues the A Proverb a Day keeps stupidity away will begin in August

Enjoy this month
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A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away: I

Have you ever noticed how out of touch with reality most rich people seem. Have you ever been stunned speechless by the lack of compassion some political leaders have for their constituents. Look no further because verse 19 of the first proverb has an answer.

"When you grab all you can get that's what happens: the more you get the less you are" (MSG)
"So are the ways of everyone who is greedy for gain; it robs them of life." (NKJV and NLT)

In the climb and pursuit of worldly gain they lost the true meaning of life, step by step, piece by piece their humanity was stripped away by each choice in their quest for wealth and power.

Prayer: Help mii Father to focus on You and not on these things that will eventually pass away. May Your truth never be watered down with compromise in my life. Guide and lead so each day draws mii closer to You. Amen.

A Proverb A Day Keeps Stupidity Away Series

Jesus came so that eternity is mine and this earthly life will be abundant. But fraught with mistakes and poor choices I walk straight into ditches.

I believe a proverb a day keeps stupidity away so join me as we begin the second half of this year as I read the book of proverbs. Each day, this month, I will read a chapter and highlight a proverb that speaks to mii. Feel free to share your favorite proverb as we journey together through this book of wisdom.