My NonCountry

I was on The Activist's blog and read her post about the violence in Nigeria and these words spilled out


i love Nigerian people.
i love our spirit.
our resilience is matchless.
no one no where can survive like we do
throw us lemons we make lemonade in four different flavors and sell it back to you at a profit
banish us to a foreign land we teach them our way of life and thrive
we are who we are.
i'm not ethnocentric
i believe other cultures and people are equally gifted
but we define and REMAKE and then embody the word RESILIENCE
we take misery and work it out till it becomes our mission.
we take pain and drain it until it sings a song of praise
we take adversity, sketch a picture to remember it once existed and then demolish it to dust
we are who we are

and so i'm waiting to see when my resilient nation will open her eyes and accept the truth.

I've been in Nigeria for 6 months after being gone for 12 years
and one thing is certain
we are not meant to coexist.

a creation by the greedy to transport goods safely through a region.
that was why we were amalgamated in 1914
don't let anybody tell you different
forcing two separate people together in order to transport the peanuts from Kano to the coast
look it up
sad but Lord Lugard made a mistake
the amalgamation was a fusion of oil and milk
it can never be digested
it will never milk
and so will struggle to try and make something beautiful out of this mess but I dunno

i saw a funeral yesterday for the corper from Otun Ekiti and i cried
a college graduate burnt because he did his job
because he answered the call to serve his country

after 50 years of marriage we still can't stand each other
after 50 years of marriage we still can't respect the sanctity of life
after 50 years of marriage we still draw blood to make a political point
after 50 years of marriage
no after 97 years of being called ONE NATION we still kill
we still destroy,
we still maim
we still suspend our humanity to justify our brutality

chalk it up to brainwashing, misguided youth, poverty, indoctrination, politics.

it doesn't matter
here's the bitter truth
brothers do not kill brothers
brothers do not decapitate the limbs of brothers and put them in an empty well
brothers do not enter churches to kill children

we are not brothers
we have never been
we can  never be

so let us be
separate and friends
not together like this and enemies.

it is totally cool not to agree with me on this, it is wonderful to pray for peace and unity, blessed are those who believe this mess can be fixed. blessed are those who strive to fix it daily. I applaud them and respect them because swimming against the tide is futile but laudable.


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hmmmmm, so sad but then so true...