I need you

I need someone who can appreciate the beauty of silence peppered with  looks
Someone who allows me to cry while I watch dreams die
I need to be able to marinate my fears in a warm embrace until all 
that I feel is wholeness
Devoid of the physical touch thoughts cross the distance and 
fill the void with each whispered word.
I need you.

I need someone who understands my fears and laughs at my jokes
A person who drags mii to the master with his soft request for prayer
One whose humility causes mii to pause a bit before I curse
Someone who loves mii just as I am and prays each day that I grow 
closer to the One who alone can enact change
Mercy,I need you.

I miss the man that loves me. It has been exactly 5 months since I last touched him.
This is the longest we have ever be apart, we habitually did 3 months because of school, but 5 and counting ....
i'm sad
I miss my sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! This is beautiful but big hugs to you.

Jaycee said...

Long distance relationships are rough, especially across oceans. *Hugs*

Azuka said...

Hope you meet soon...

Oohjay said...

I'm sre he feels the same too...

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Oh Kafo *hugs* and more *hugs*. Long distance is difficult, but I'm sure he feels the same. Hopefully you are re-united soon. x

Kafo said...

@ The poets voice: Thanks

@ Oohjay: HE BETTER lol

@ Azuka: long time how u dey

@ Jaycee: oceans and oceans and time zones and oceans :( sniffle sniffle

@ MaidOfHeart: I'm accepting the hug thanks

Daydah said...

Easy dear, long distance is painful but look at the bright side, your love is so strong that it transcends even the distance. This too shall pass....