Big, Bad, n' Crazy.

So i'm preaching speaking to a bunch of college students and these words fall out
HE loves you big, He loves you bad, he loves you crazy enough to send his son to die

...and of course I hadn't planned it but it caught on and by the end of the evening it was stuck in 300 minds.

I get home and i think about it and the following week when speaking to another group of college students it falls out again.
My dad says I need to explain what i mean,
So the following sabbath I did to different group of college students and so here it is

now lets just say anytime i run into a student on campus they repeat it back to mii tsk tsk

A version of the text is below.

He loves you big, He loves you bad, he loves you crazy enough to send his son to die so that one day you could fly but instead you sit there and cry and ask him why.
Let me break it down
He loves you so big that he sat down and created this universe for you to dwell in, he spoke light into existence
planted trees to make each instance you decide to take a stroll special
he placed stars billions of miles away just to illuminate the night’s sky with variety,
deposited thousands of species of fish into the lake just so you could spend a summer’s night gazing at their beauty
that is how big he loves you
He loves you baaaaaaaddddddddddddd
He loves you so so bad that if the devil ever tried to touch one of his anointed, if the devil ever tried to step to you and attack your soul, he would place him in check. WHAT. He loves you that your afflictions are constantly being eclipsed by his glory, that he how badly he loves you
He loves you so so so so so crazy, so crazy that angle Gabriel almost let the words slip from his mouth the moment the Father asked Jesus to step down to save you
To put on the stench of humanity and rewrite man’s sordid history
Yes, the stench of sweat and sin and decaying skin that falls and turns to dust
We stink, but He sent his son to put on this mess just to save yo
I can almost imagine Gabriel words
Father are you sure yo want to send Jesus down there to rescue a bunch of ungrateful being
That are more concerned witht eh size of their wallets thant he depth of their soul
Seriously God they kill each other over petty political squabbles and make blood sacrifices to enrich their coffers .....


At some point I will write a book about the crazy turns of this thing called life.
The title might be Snippets of madness in a grace filled world
or maybe i should switch the madness and grace around


rhonda said...

Don't you just love when God uses you when you're not looking? You don't have to see the plan to walk in it. Just open your mouth and He'll keep making the right words spill out.

Stay blessed

Myne Whitman said...

God is so awesome, and what is beautiful too is seeing when we use the talent He gives us to bless His name. Wonderful poetry.

disgodkidd said...

kafo. when can i register for lessons so that i can be as good as you? this, as usual, is beautiful

Tisha said...

He loves me good, He loves me bad, He loves me crazy enough to send His son to die...

I am so inspired by you, you talk to college students (300 of them), i don't know if i can do that. Well you inspire me! I love you, kafo

oluSimeon said...

thats how He loves me.. its overwhelming anytime I meditate on His love.

Patrina's Pencil said...

So cool that your voice is being used in this way. Love it that the students repeat it back to you :)

Great job speakin His truth

Patrina <")>><

disgodkidd said...

happy belated easter greetings...all is well...thanks for checking up on me