I have been in Nigeria for the last 10 days.
This is my first trip back to Nigeria in 12 years.
I have to admit that I'm not really excited about this trip.
I bought my ticket about a month ago and then cried all the way back home.
I haven't really posted anything because I'm too scared to write for fear of what will come out of my lips.

I'm in Nigeria right now and quickly learning that a different set of rules apply.


Good Naija Girl said...

I'm sorry that the trip hasn't been that great so far. Cheer up, I think things will get better.

Kafo said...

@ Good Naija Girl: the trip has been fine. Hectic but fine. It was the whole idea of getting leaving the US and returning and trying to live in Naija that is taking longer to accept and get used to. If it was a vacation i would say it is wonderful but it is the whole more than a vacay that i'm trying to navigate

tunrayo said...

Don't be sad. where in Nigeria are you?

...hopefully it will grow on you. No friends?