My Daddy is Retired oooooooooooooooo

This is what I wanted to say

Do you know why we are here?
We are not here because my father is the smartest man because he isn’t.
He has received more than ONCE all the grades available, from A to F
We are not here because my father had the most connections because he doesn’t
He grew up in a tiny town in Ekiti state away from those of influence
We are not here because he is the best preacher because he isn’t
We are not here because he is the most handsome man because he will be the first to admit that he isn’t
We are here today because of two words
Surrender and Grace
Approximately 40 years ago, my father made a conscious choice to surrender his whole life. This was not an easy decision and sometimes it didn’t make sense. He surrendered to God in the good times, in the bad times, when it made sense and even when it didn’t and that is why we are here today. This is the first time that our nuclear family, the seven of us have been together in 12 years and yet through it all, through the separation and pain from his children and sometimes His wife he surrendered to God.
We are here because my father, a man like any other surrendered and God in his infinite wisdom bestowed his Grace upon him.
So today I give Glory to God the Father for his love and the Son, Jesus Christ for working out the rough edges on this imperfect man, Joseph Adebisi Ola who surrendered to God.
To my dad you rock because you figured out the most important thing in life is to love those you have been blessed with and surrender daily to the will of God
To my mom you rock because for 35 years you have lived with my dad and supported his ever move even when you didn’t understand it.
To everyone here today thank you for coming to celebrate this surrendered man blessed by the grace of God. So let us give God all the honor, glory and praise.

This is what I said
I love you daddy.
I love you soo much.
Okay I’m going to cry because Busayo has made me all emotional and stuff.
My dad over the course of the last three years has called just to say Hi. He would call me everyday at 2 a.m. just to check in and ask about all my sisters. That isn’t the reason why I love him so much. Today I love him soo much because he surrenders to the will of God even when it doesn’t make sense and separates him from his wife and kids, he follows God
And then the tears started to fall
I love you
And then I passed the microphone to the next person because the tears were streaming down my face.

So i've been in Naija for 10 days
and I'm trying to figure out how people survive with no internet
I have eating too many yams and plantains that I'm sure my intestines are turning to yams.
I have also eating Suya, i need to eat it at least 4 more times before new year's
what else
I have a profound hatred for NEPA and all things that are controlled by the government
Seriously how can Senators be getting paid 150 thousand US dollars a month and our country be this way.
I am going to start a campaign against all Nigerian leaders, even Obama doesn't earn that much in a year and here we are.

I'm also learning about MTN and GLO and credit and it's fun.

Not sure when the next update will be but stay blessed and beautiful.


I have been in Nigeria for the last 10 days.
This is my first trip back to Nigeria in 12 years.
I have to admit that I'm not really excited about this trip.
I bought my ticket about a month ago and then cried all the way back home.
I haven't really posted anything because I'm too scared to write for fear of what will come out of my lips.

I'm in Nigeria right now and quickly learning that a different set of rules apply.