Upside down blessings

you are blessed beyond measure
breathe in and then out
you are chosen
each complication is exactly tailored to fit you,
to bring out the worst in you so you can draw closer to Him
He loves you too much to let you drown in your pseudo happiness
He loves you too much to let you wallow in the applause of the masses
He loves you too much to punish you with blessings you are ill equipped to receive
He loves you too much to much to ignore your pleas of repentance
and so He allows this.
He allows this situation to bend you but not break you
To perplex you but not cause despondency
That is how much He loves you
Blessings masquerading as tailor fitted trials
Oh my word
Each mess the enemy throws your way He fashions into a lesson
Each curve ball is transformed into a mission
So breathe in and then out
Scream and then Laugh
Cause you
Yes, You are BLESSED


disgodkidd said...

this could not have come at a more precise time. thank you.

blogoratti said...

This is so calming...very inspirational read. Thanks for sharing*

2cute4u said...

I just did something bad and started beating myself up.. This just made me feel so much better

Tisha said...

"He allows this situation to bend you but not break you..."

I like
Scream and then laugh...
Of course i am blessed
I will remember to do that the screaming and the laughing
cos in my office, they are a little
too straight jacket.

Myne Whitman said...

I appreciate reading this. God bless you.

Robyn said...

just what i needed today.

Blessing said...

wow...this is amazing...God bless u

Ifee said...

I like this!!

Kafo said...

@ Ifee: thanks so do I

@ Blessing: your name is Blessing so God bless you also LOL

@ Robyn: God is good, glad it let the rays of His light shine through on You

@ Myne Whitman: :) Blessings back at you

@ Tisha: don't scream in the office ooooo because then you might get fired, so wait until you get home dearie

@ 2cute4u: His mercies endures forever

@ blogratti: God is good, this one kinda fell out last minute, it was a gut reaction to a friend's whine on facebook

@ disgodkidd: His timing is weird, sometimes annoying but also perfect.