Different Packages

Thanksgiving comes in different packages.
This year it is packaged in love that shines through :-
  • A friend that chooses to ignore my recommendation, buy a ticket last minute and get on a plane just to say hi. Your beauty is made manifest in the countless prayers that span the miles that separate us.
  • A sister that gets excited about the little stuff, keeps some secrets and lets others out, stays up all day just to be there, just to laugh, just to smile, just to be there. Your beauty is made manifest in your devotion and selfless giving.
  • A couple that believes in love more than they believe in diamonds, who support in donning the various hats of friend, counselor, planner and cheerleader. Your beauty is made manifest in your ability to infuse courage by taking your life together one step at a time despite obstacles.

So today
I'm choosing to see this as another step unafraid of the challenges that lay ahead because I'm blessed to have these witnesses and many more to carry, pray, support, encourage, cry (i think i don't need help in that category) and laugh me through.


2cute4u said...

Beautiful post as always..
Happy Thanksgiving dear..

Tisha said...

happy Thanksgiving Kafo.

Mine is simply
I am thankful for
1. God
2. My ever increasing family
3. My future and its amazing possibilities.

Rita said...

This is so beautiful Kafo...thank God for the witnesses. *Hugs*

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Can a post be breathless? lol
This is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful to God for knowing Him and because of that I have been able to weather the storm. God rocks! :-) x

Azuka said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

disgodkidd said...

its been a while. are you ok?