Different Packages

Thanksgiving comes in different packages.
This year it is packaged in love that shines through :-
  • A friend that chooses to ignore my recommendation, buy a ticket last minute and get on a plane just to say hi. Your beauty is made manifest in the countless prayers that span the miles that separate us.
  • A sister that gets excited about the little stuff, keeps some secrets and lets others out, stays up all day just to be there, just to laugh, just to smile, just to be there. Your beauty is made manifest in your devotion and selfless giving.
  • A couple that believes in love more than they believe in diamonds, who support in donning the various hats of friend, counselor, planner and cheerleader. Your beauty is made manifest in your ability to infuse courage by taking your life together one step at a time despite obstacles.

So today
I'm choosing to see this as another step unafraid of the challenges that lay ahead because I'm blessed to have these witnesses and many more to carry, pray, support, encourage, cry (i think i don't need help in that category) and laugh me through.

Choosing to SEE

Best book of 2010.
Read this book if:
  1. You are a control freak who is struggling with letting go
  2. You are finding a hard time adapting to the unexpected circumstances that come your way
  3. You are struggling with the Goodness of God admidst the storm
  4. You are a huge fan of Steven Curtis Chapman songs
  5. You are in need a some heavenly perspective
  6. You are oscillating between faith and despair
  7. You are grieving the loss of a family member
Seriously. I just finished reading this book and now I'm off to buy the Kindle version just so I can have it on me on my ipod wherever I go.

This last month has been excruitatingly painful (not sure if that is grammatically correct). I find myself between a volcanic mountain and the jaws of a shark and it's hard but this is what I'm learning, I CAN DO HARD. Having a heavenly perspective and not wallowing in self pity is not the easiest thing to do when pain is seeping from all pores but today I'm choosing to SEE.

I'm choosing to SEE Your goodness, mercy, grace and love
Choosing to SEE that You has a plan amidst the storm
Choosing to SEE that every single action has been preordained by You.
Choosing to SEE that from up close the picture may look blurry
but the further I get from this mess the more beautiful it appears
Choosing to SEE that You are in control regardless of the fallout
Choosing to SEE that my steps are ordered
Choosing to SEE that You are God and You are good
Choosing to SEE and believe and praise because on a hill faraway stood an old rugged cross
and because He lives I can face whatever tomorrow brings
Because He lives all fear that is rooted in low self self-esteem, broken promises,
broken dreams and unmet expectations is gone
Im choosing to SEE that He holds tomorrow and that is why my love is worht alot.
Basically I'm choosing to SEE and believe that He is all good and not all bad because those are the only too options.
So that is what I will try and do for the next 18 days I will choose to SEE

Upside down blessings

you are blessed beyond measure
breathe in and then out
you are chosen
each complication is exactly tailored to fit you,
to bring out the worst in you so you can draw closer to Him
He loves you too much to let you drown in your pseudo happiness
He loves you too much to let you wallow in the applause of the masses
He loves you too much to punish you with blessings you are ill equipped to receive
He loves you too much to much to ignore your pleas of repentance
and so He allows this.
He allows this situation to bend you but not break you
To perplex you but not cause despondency
That is how much He loves you
Blessings masquerading as tailor fitted trials
Oh my word
Each mess the enemy throws your way He fashions into a lesson
Each curve ball is transformed into a mission
So breathe in and then out
Scream and then Laugh
Cause you
Yes, You are BLESSED

Don't do anything

Watch this video before reading

Don't vote.
Don't pray.
Don't volunteer.
Don't listen to their cries.
Don't pray.
Don't intercede for others.
Don't forgive those who have wronged you.

The church has not listened to your needs, they have mistreated you and gossiped about you. They have ignored your request and stereotyped you based on clothing.
So please ignore the call to serve.

Watching this political ad got me thinking, if you don't vote for your political party, then the other party wins.  This verse makes it personal

He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.

This is war, and there is no neutral ground. If you're not on my side, you're the enemy; if you're not helping, you're making things worse.

Matthew 12:30

So let me sum it up in a few words 
Inactivity for the cause of God is activity for the cause of Satan