Unanswered Questions

Stuff happens.
Each time it rains, it pours and thunders
and so we ask why.
The pain obstructs our view and clouds our perspective
We refrain to reframe our troubles through heaven's eyes.
and so the tears fall because we want answers and all we get is silence

Then in walks the friend who says that God is good and Satan is the perpetrator
God is in control of this universe, not the devil.
So you can say the devil did it
but God allowed it
permitted it
ordained it
sanctioned it
decreed it
Choose the word you want.
I don't care. The fact remains that my pain exists and He sees it

So we look to the sky and question.
We scream WHY
Why did you allow him to treat me so
Why is my house still empty after 3 miscarriages
Why am i alone with no one waiting for mii at home
Why did you allow her to leave and die before her prime

on days like this
He says
Kafo, if I loved you enough to die for you
can't you trust Me enough with the unanswered questions
can't you trust Me with your pain

i become speechless
because under the shadow of the Cross, His love shines through


Prettylyf said...

Kafo I must start by apologizing for not stopping by more often. And I must thank you for always stopping by mine and sharing in my journey's ups and downs.

I love this poem. Especially the part where you say so we cry because all we want is answers but all we get is silence. Haven't we all been there? but still our God i so faithful and loving and patient with us.

Such a beautiful piece!!!

I'll be back. I promise. Again and again

Tisha said...

...and even if the sun didn't shine
His love is still true!

Mwajim Al said...

:-) this is the smile that this just put on my face. He loves us even if we don't understand our circumstances.

Kafo said...

@ Mwajim Al: especially when we don't understand the circumstances

@ Tisha: yes it is
I am beginning to realize that the sun always shines, i might not see it but somewhere someplace the sun is shining. I'm wondering if there is there has ever be a day around the world when the sun doesn't shine.

@ Prettylyf: :)

Rita said...

Now I am speechless...every single line in this your post leaves me pondering and learning more to trust God...

Myne Whitman said...

wWe just have to just Him, that is what I have learned with my unanswered questions too. Hold on dear...

Blessing said...

Wow...that was incredible...hmmm...has me thinking!

Tendayi said...

hope in God doesn't disappoint even if circumstances shake and stir you..keep believing and i will believe with you.

thanks for dropping by mine and opening your life up to us.

2cute4u said...

I was in tune with this that I truly didn't want this to end..
Especially loved the last lines..

Daydah said...

Reminds me of my 'Why Me?' blog post some time ago, and your words of wisdom. We must learn to also catalog those times, because when we look back in retrospect, we will ALWAYS find that He was there to carry us through the storm....

Jaycee said...

This post makes me so speechless today, and all I'll say is "beautiful."

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee: He makes beauty from ashes

@ Daydah: hey beautiful iyawo, i hope all is well ooooooooo. G.I.G. God is good

@ 2cute4u: glad you could relate, i have to admit that this piece just fell out and wasn't really thought through but G.I.G. He works in mysterious ways

@ Tendayi: :)

@ Blessing: thinking is good, i think LOL

@ Myne Whitman: i have to admit that when i wrote this i didn't really have any questions pressing on my mind but still it creeps up on you sometimes

@ Rita: i'm reading this book of ladies that have overcome and i its like a fresh vision into His love and mercy