Chilean Miners v. Insanity

It's 2:08 am EST, the fourth miner was just brought to the surface.
G. I. G. God is good and as I sit thoughts run through my mind. 

   is one of the Chilean miners losing faith and attacking other trapped miners, tonight, hours from rescue.
   is the crowd mourning each time the siren sounds when a miner emerges
   is one of the miners detaching his headset while in the capsule halting contact with the rescue team
   is one of the trapped miners refusing to enter the capsule because of fear
   is one of the trapped miners throwing a fit because he wasn't the first miner to be rescued

Insanity is mii
 could it be you?

Too harsh, let me come a lil' bit closer.

Do you cringe at the testimony of a Christian friend, wondering when your deliverance will come?
Are you more likely to moan about what could go wrong in your situation when good news is being shared?
Do you find yourself detaching your headset, ending communication, avoiding prayer?
Would you refuse to get in the capsule, out of the boat and walk on water because of fear of failure?
Would you throw a fit because God chose to rescue another before He did you?

Here's what I'm learning today as I watch the rescue mission. It would be insane for me at this point to throw a fit, stop praying or get jealous. 
I serve a God who is intimately acquainted with my needs, dreams, drama and proclivities. He is the ONLY one aware of the amount of pressure needed to cleanse me of selfish pride. He knows which dreams of mine are routed in sin and how long my friend can handle her current situation. And so today I breathe in, breathe out, say a prayer for the remaining 29 miners and believe that He who brought me to it will see me through it for His glory alone.

Another thought that is running through my head is company. What company do you keep? Do you surround yourself with hopeful people who have testimonies or those who can't dream of sunlight? As the miners come to the surface, their faces are wreathed in smiles. How beaten up do you appear, what toll is your mental health having on your physical appearance? When your day of rejoicing comes will your appearance speak of your faith or doubt?

Mercy,  questions, questions. I'm tired and need to get to bed, it is closer to 3 am than 2 but i have to finish listening to Bebe sing this song and watch another rescue. Listen to the words (via my playlist in the side panel) they are beautiful.


Hour 17
20 miners out 13 still down.

Still thinking

Insanity can also be defined as the rescue team withholding from the trapped miners the fact that a rescue plan was in the works.
Insanity is Christians withholding from a dying and trapped world that there is a rescue plan, it does work and its been in place for over 2000 years.

*Pardon my use of the word insanity in relation to the miners' experience. If one of them has a nervous breakdown tonight or tomorrow it is not insane but understandable. My goal is not to demean or trivialize their struggle but instead to draw a parallel between their harrowing experience and rescue and our Christian walk during adversity. I have nothing but respect, admiration and good will towards these men because I can't even imagine their struggle.


oluSimeon said...

"I serve a God who is intimately acquainted with my needs, dreams, drama and proclivities" - sharing this on twitter..
i totally understand you relating these actions of believers to insanity.. its when we let our flesh get ahead of our spirit..
totally feel you on this post.
bless you..

Tisha said...

I like

I have learnt that whether you win or you lose,it happens inside you first before it happens outside.

I sound so hopeful all the time abi, i have been at the depths of despair so many times i never wanted to say another word of prayer or call on Jesus.

What keeps me going? I can't explain it but Jesus never lets me go. He's always speaking. I need to be positioned right so that i am always listening because He (God: My Jesus)loves me so.
I never joke with Jesus, no matter who is joking or not. I am resilient and trusting in God.

Mwajim Al said...

I love the parallelism. The mining disaster is indeed synonymous to different situations we find ourselves in in our daily walks of life. Its hard to keep up a brave face and keep trusting because we have that skewed mentality that God should always hearken to our pleas and that things should go according to our will. However, these are the best times, because we learn to let it be His will, and we grow closer and more inlove with Him.

Kafo said...

@ Mwajim Al: i've spent too much time on CNN today but earlier they were telling us how the men had to wear sun googles to protect their eyes on the way out. Could it be that God in his infinite wisdom is begging us to see the world thru His eyes and I'm just too entrenched inmy skewed mentality to do so.

@ Tisha: that is a beautiful testimony. I must admit I'm not always as optimistic. You are right, your position does determine your perspective

@ oluSimeon: I said the words, then I wrote them down then i read them back to myself and just paused and said hmmmmmm this is deep. G. I. G. God is good. so yeah tweet away about His intimate knowledge of your mind and situation

Myne Whitman said...

I'm watching ABC 20/20 special and it's so amazing what a wonderful miracle that has happened. Thanks for sharing your lessons.

Kafo said...

Just saw some footage from the last miner reacue and couldn't help but give God praise

Tisha said...


I hardly watch the news so thanks for letting me know about the miners.

rethots said...

" What company do you keep?" Hmmm, we need to consciously and consistently assess the companies we keep.