Caleb [1: Backstage Crew of the O.T. ]

Some say that is what my name means.
Called Foreigner, Alien, Illegal immigrant, Attache.
Choose your pick, I've been called all these names and more
With rancor, even to my face.
Disgraced I should be when they questioned my birthplace
but I know what I know, and so I live it.

Leader. I have now become among those who used to call me names.
Chosen to represent the tribe of Judah.
Our task was to scout out the Promised land,
Filled with milk and honey, we rejoiced when we saw grapes the size of oranges.
The air so fresh, the grass so green, rivers pristine.
Oh how we celebrated, we all did.
That was, that was until they saw the sons of Anak.
They were Giants and in an instant.
Faith disappeared and fear moved into their minds,
and so they forgot, but I didn't.
I saw what their fear obscured,

I saw because I know what I know
that He that brought us to it will give it to us if we only believed
because He has promised and is faithful.
I know what I know, and so I live it.

But like a disease what they perceived spread through the camp
until it stank with fear
I tried to give them hope and remind them of His promises
but faithless eyes cannot see His glory.
Moses and Aaron fell facedown
Joshua and I tore our robes in anguish
so boldly Unbelief took up rocks to stone us
to silence His words on our lips and flip leadership
He [Yahweh]  spoke condemning their doubt
"Fear is your leader and so I concede
I will no longer try and force my glory into your situation
You believe that they are stronger, so be it
You believe that you will die in the wilderness, so be it
every last one of you, one year for each day you denied my glory you will wander.
But Caleb has a different spirit and so I will bring him back to inherit this land."

He [Yahweh] called me by name.
No longer a foreigner
I'm now called and chosen.
A prince with an inheritance
all because I know what I know, and  live it.

40 years have gone by since that day
but i remember it like yesterday.
So I say,
Give me this mountain
Give me this task, this obstacle
this unconquered land inhabited by giants
so that those chosen and called by His name from this day will live out their destiny with pride.
Head held high, they will forge on into the unknown because of their relationship with the Known God.
So they will know that 40 years after the fact, what He says will be, will be.
Regardless of my aging muscles and weathered palms,
I have no qualms because He will, because He is
and so I go this day.
Because I know what I know and I live it.

Will you?


AlooFar said...

Really nice.

Mwajim Al said...

faith... conquering stance... faith... going in boldness to take over... faith... waiting in patience for His promises. --> I love this :D

Tisha said...

I'll live what i believe
I'll believe the word.

Kafo said...

@ tisha: and the word says I will cover you under my wings and give u peace that the world cannot understand

@ mwajim al: not the easiest thing on d planet but with him All things r possible

@ aloofar: I like it also lol

Tisha said...

thanks. i guess i'll receive peace therefore.

Kafo said...

@ tisha I have to admit that claiming these promises isn't the easiest thing to do. I have had a roller coaster week so far. Wednesday night I had stars in my eyes and then I check my email on Thursday morning and it is like WHAT so now all that made sense and the decision I had made was called into question
Today I was scared to check my email for fear of more bad news but then I rembered that all of this junk on my plate
The letdowns, decisions etc exist because he knows on some level that I'm capable of handling it
So peace I claim because I don't always have

Tessa Doghor said...

You have the spirit of excellence
You can handle anything that comes your way.