Thank God I'm NOT Fat [Sabbath Series 22]

Thank God I'm NOT Fat.
What if God allowed you to be placed on contraceptive that messed up your hormones and you gained weight?
Thank God I'm NOT Broke.
What if God allowed all your savings to be schemed off in a Ponzi scheme?
Thank God I'm NOT Jobless.
What if God allowed your company to be bought out by the government and you subsequently laid off?
Thank God I'm NOT Homeless.
What if God allowed your home to burn down and the insurance and mortgage company screwed you over?
Thank God I'm NOT Single.
What if God decided that your spouse had fulfilled his mission on earth and dying was the next step?
Thank God I'm not SICK
What if God allowed your cells to turn against you and you contract a rare disease?
Thank God I'm NOT living in a war torn country
What if God allowed the military to stage a bloody Coup in your country?
Thank God I'm NOT a sex slave
What if God allowed you to be raped repeatedly by the UN officers charged with keeping the peace?
Thank God I'm NOT ____
What if God allowed ____ to happen?

What then?

I woke up with pain in my jaw, took my painkillers, and right before I jumped into the shower I thanked God I wasn't fat and then the otherside of me said WHAT IF and i spent the next 30 minutes in the shower being taught a lesson by God.
I'm late for church
So let me wrap this up.

We spend I spend a lot of brain time trying to feel better by telling myself that there is someone out there in a worse condition. The problem with this line of self medication is that there is always someone in a better condition.

We should be joyful just because He loves us, not because we are better off than another person.
I realize that 65% of the my depressed thoughts come because I believe those around me are more blessed.
He is trying to get us to realize that regardless of the situation of those around us, this is personal and about our relationship with Him, NOT in reference to another persons' relationship

I'm not saying this right,
Let me try again
There are two lessons in this Not-Fat-Shower-Story
1. Regardless of your situation you should thank God
2. Stop comparing, it only brings grief, because there will always be someone you believe is better off than you.
okay 3
You need to get to a point where it is 100% personal. Your relationship to Christ shouldn't be in judged on the fervency or passivity of another Christian

Now I'm officially late
Have a blessed day

forgive the typos
my CSO is honking


Maid of Heart said...

Beautiful post. So important to be thankful regardless.

Jaycee said...

Ditto. Well-written. I thank God for the things I have now, and for the things I overcome daily, and for the things He has in store for the future. Praising God with what I have right now is what He wants for me.

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee: :), it is the comparison that gets me. It shouldn't be about what others have or don't have it should be about what He has blessed me with. well said

@ MaidofHeart: thanks for stopping by, i have to admit that this is not the easiest thing to do. being grateful when things aren't exactly the way you wish requires a heavenly perspective that my earthly glasses obstruct