Hot and steamy
Like an aphrodisiac scent
you make my heart beat faster
With just one word
I look at your lips,
lick mine, in anticipation of when yours will part
and fill the silence because my mind tries and fails to imagine the reality.
This fantasy is brief
I want vivid and explosively titillating.

I want to experience it all
Immerse my senses in what you have to offer
Spend each second of the next minute 
Getting closer
Heart to heart

To connect
Drawn in as one
without fear
we will fly and reach a climatic intimacy

Pulse racing
I catch my breath
You lean in
I look up


Finally you speak
I breathe
It's hot
so hot
The truth is hot because
An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips Prov 24:26


QuTe said...

O_o.. had me totally flummoxed till the last line.

Mwajim Al said...

lol. Nice way to put it.

Tisha said...

you have gone and done it.
Anytime i see you i remember "I'm brimming with hope and swimming in reality".

"...and honestly i don't care if u like mii" is the reason i came back to your blog.

i like!

Rita said...

I would never have guessed where you were going to. And it is amazing what we have in the word of God...

Jaycee said...

An honest answer is steamy and sexy, like a kiss. Lol @ this post sha.

Myne Whitman said...

Very creative. I like too.

Kafo said...

so i was looking for another verse in Proverbs and stumbled on this one and then my mind just went ....

@ Myne Whitman: the mind does mysterious things wink wink

@ Jaycee: it isn't my fault oooo it is Solomon who made the analogy i just emphasized it a bit :)

@ Rita: i guess that is the beauty of the gospel and the Word of God it is a sword, it is sexy, it is reassuring, it is a light and the list goes on

@ Tisha: I have to admit that some times i do get caught up in trying to appear holy but then something happens and I'm back to being honest again

@ Mwajim Al: it isn't mii oooo, i just got a little carried away

@ QuTe: :) i guess it did serve its purpose

Tisha said...

Holiness is not an act,it is walking like God, talking like God and acting and living the way God would.

I would rather you be real than pretend.