New and Emerging

This is a PSA.
New Christian music and books.
So many new books and music to check out.
I feel guilty that I only share a song or two here or there when in reality Christian Lit and music is blood in my spiritual veins. So this is short list that touches the heart. So feel free to check them out.

1. Chris Tomlin: "Expectation" He is the reason for this post, right now his new single "I Will Follow" off of his Expectation album that drops November 16 is wonderful. Chris takes a break from his usual praise and worship sub genre and rocks it out with this song. So please go to iTunes and get this song ASAP.

2. Revive: "Blink" This single has soo much groove that I just bop my head to the beat and sing out the words at the top of my lungs.

3. FFH is back and it is beyond words. 5 or so years ago they dropped out of circulation and moved to South Africa. During this time they had another kid and Jeremy (lead singer) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This album Wide Open Spaces is closer to heart than most. This is What it Feels Like, Undone, Stop the Bleeding just to name a few

How much farther must I go ‘til you to say that I’m broken?
How much heartache must I know for you to say, ‘Enough’s enough.
These are Jeremy's words but my thoughts.
Whew, I wish I had a job so i could pick it up today but alas I must wait.

4. Jeremy Camp:  "We Cry Out" Christian Soft Rock hasn't been the same since Jeremy hit the scene about a decade ago, his latest album, A worship project brings tears to my eyes

5. Israel Houghton:  "Love God Love People" I used to love Israel when he was hard core praise and worship but now he has this whole urban Christian thingy he is doing. I have the Power of One album but I only listen to 3 tracks regularly from it. So I'm  London Sessions album  "Love God Love People" that dropped yesterday and I'm hearing  "You won't let go of me, " on the You Hold My World track and now I'm sold. Welcome back Israel I missed you :). Now I'm listening to the track Hosanna and wow God is good.

6. Gaither Vocal Band: Greatly Blessed, Better Day. Southern Gospel at its best. I don't think I need to say more, you have all star vocals, with David Phelps tearing up the upper registers and Micheal English holding the center, throw in Bill and Mark and lil' boy Wes and it is almost angelic. I'm going to see them in concert in 30 days and yeah I can hardly wait.

7.Wess Morgan:  I Choose to Worship. Never heard of this guy until yesterday and now it's like hmmm, cool. Listen to him before you look at this picture and try and place the voice. You can't, it's beautiful, the blend. Ahh okay I'll stop with the music now.
This is a link to listen to the song via his website

8. Mary Beth Chapman:  "Choosing to See" When Steven Curtis Chapman lost his daughter we all gasped and wondered how God could allow such a tragedy to hit their family. When Steven brought out his album earlier this year I was blown away and realized that his pain put into words is a gift that has illuminated my path and now his wife Beth brings puts to words her struggle over the last two years. If you are in pain, know someone who is in pain check this book out ASAP

9. Max Lucado:  "Out Live Your Life" I love Max, i've read all his books and this new one has me thingy about how being a Christian has to be contagious to the point where we speak less and pray more and it just oozes off of us with love. I dunno if this is possible but Max is back and I'm adding this to my public library reads

10. Stormie Omartian: My manfriend got me a book by this lady for graduation and since May I have bought 3 of her books to gift to others and read 2. Seriously she is a must read. My current read is "Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On: Trusting God in Tough Times". She also has a Praying series that you can check out, Power of a Praying WOman, Power of Praying for your Adult Children etc

okay I think i'm done for a while