In short: Questioning

There are three things that today need to be mentioned,
nay, four that cause me to question.
Why do prideful men always end up as self-serving ministers intent on giving Christianity a bad name?
Why is more planning given to the wedding date and not the foundation of the marriage? 
Why does the American Dream more often than not end up being a curse?
Why does the process of settling in make one more unsettled?


Jaycee said...

#1: It beats me. Yet, somehow, even in this, the message of redemption becomes more pronounced.

#2: "My people perish for lack of knowledge." If only we understood the intensity of what marriage was created for, then the equation would be the opposite.

Thought-provoking questions, Kafo.

ThirtyPlusGeek said...

#1 - Cos we all - ministers included - are intrinsically flawed.. and they give Christianity a bad name cos it only takes a 'few' bad apples to give the lot a bad name..

#2 - Cos it's easier to fill a check list than question the answers

#3 & #4 - Perhaps 'the American dream' and 'settling in' are the wrong objectives?

Anonymous said...

#2 - Learning about being married takes more than half a lifetime. We sometimes believe we can learn on the job or some things will be automatic. We also focus on the wedding because that's the only part that involves the public. Thereafter, we got it alone. Yet, it's so important to understand what the word and other books say about marraige.

Thought provoking questions.

AlooFar said...

wow, these are really deep questions!!!

Tisha said...

ease up kafo
Don't ask stupid questions
Be satisfied knowing the truth
Not everyone will accept truth.

Anyone can fall, if you remain down, then there's a problem.
Because men will be men and women, women. In theory everyone knows that marriage is more important than the wedding but in practice they forget, lol!
Because the purpose is lost after a while.
I can answer for me: Because 'forever' is scary, what if i make the wrong choice?

Kafo said...

@ Tisha: I wouldn't say they are stupid questions. More like inconsequential ones that don't solve the problems i'm currently facing.
In regards to #3: I guess that is the key, not losing sight of the purpose

@ Aloofar: scary how we allow ourselves to get caught up in trivial pop culture details. I guess on some level we are afraid to ask questions.

@ MaidofHeart: well said

@ ThirtyPlusGeek: i love your response to #2. There is something about a checklist that just gives a false sense of security.

#3 and 4: Hmmm never thought about it from that angle either. Hopefully the dream is a valid one before we spend a lifetime chasing it only to discover that we should have been chasing after peace and joy.

thanks for stopping by

@ Jaycee: :)
Intensity of what marriage was created for.
that is profound

Azuka said...

#1,2 Exactly!

Myne Whitman said...

Very necessary questions in this day and age.

Nice new layout.