161.2 pounds and counting

I gained weight.
Wait, I didn't gain it,
it's not a gain it's a curse forced upon me
by the powers that be see they kept me awake
a meeting with Cheesecake at  2 a.m.
and another with Milkshake at 2 p.m.
I thought they just wanted to chill goodwill i thought was offered to 
help fill the gap that was created when Academics walked out on me.
But here I am now.
Sitting, and getting intimately acquainted with this extra ten 
It wasn't sudden
It wasn't drastic
It was slow and beautiful.
Like swaying in the moonlight to a familiar tune
My sister was oblivious and my mother said I never looked better
but here I am
161.2 pounds and counting

All it took was 30 days
it started with clandestine meetings at midnight
then the opposition got bolder and made contact in daylight
Salad was forced out and Pizza quietly moved in
Taking up residence in my intestines
Fries took it's time and now whole wheat bread is stuck in the toolshed
only remembered in desperate times with digestion gets rough

here I am
My jeans no longer fit
my beautiful grey outfit now sits high on my thighs
my sister and friends now magically sees the difference
and comment on my waist
but what a waste the warning comes to late
for here I am
161.2 pounds and counting.

Each time I climb up the stairs I am made aware by the pace of my heart
I thought I was smart but I played the part unaware that each choice,
each slippery delicious fry that i didn't deny has now contributed to the new size of my thighs.

So now each day I get up and try
Old friends I avoided I now seek daily
Miss. Treadmill, Dr. Elliptical and Mr. Free weights
Luckily for me they took me back willingly
The road is tough, and progress has been slow
but as I slip down to 159.8 I breathe a sigh of relief

I will get there, I will get there somehow
It will take more than a month but each day I'll stay the course
sniffle sniffle
If only I knew then what I know now. It is easier to gain a pound than it is to lose one.

I see the parallel and hopefully you do to.
continual compromise coupled with secrecy
leads you down a path of sin and hopefully you awake before you reach the gates of hell.
Hopefully the weight of your sin jars you back to reality and you seek His face
Hopefully the unbuttonable spiritual jeans help you realize that it is slow and it is sweet and the road is wide that leads to spiritual obesity

C.S. summed it up in Screwtape Letters
The safest road to hell is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.


Jaycee said...

I like how you included the phrase "spiritual obesity" in this post. We never know when we start to do things that we know won't get us far in our walk with Christ, but then when we continue to be nonchalant about these things, we become complacent. And complacency leads to obesity.

I'm glad your new friends took you back :)

Jaycee said...

I've missed your blog BTW, and your playlist has just succeeded in making my morning 'more than awesome.'

Myne Whitman said...

Great how you tied them both together. Indeed indeed, broad is the path to destruction. Hope you get healthier as you lose the excess weight.

Tisha said...

i have the help of the spirit to control my walk, stop me when i need to stop and start me when i need to stop.
He's my best friend.

Kafo said...

@ Tisha: i like that, He helps control your walk and in respect to spiritual food helps remind you of what to eat and what NOT to eat

@ Myne Whitman: didn't see the connection until i started complaining and then it was like "hmmmmmmm WOW coool"

@ Jaycee: old school music that each day reminds me of what is important. My new friends, ah they are old friends that were relegated them to acquaintance stance but now they are BFFs

Daydah said...

On a double diet too- For the first time in yrs i actually weigh less than you! Yay! I know its shortlived so let me enjoy it ;).
And we need to talk - updates are long in between right now.
Your move...

Rita said...

OMG...I didnt know where you were taking me to...so beautiful the analogy.

Funny enough, a few days ago my husband mentioned this analogy when he fell out of shape for not doing his exercises for 3 days. But I like the way you presented this eh.

Debbie said...

This so funny, but yet so profound: spiritual obesity and physical obseity run parallel to each other. If we are not physically disciplined, it will be seen in our spiritual walk.
it is subtle and it creeps up on us, so we have to watch and pray.
Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this.

trUe liTerati said...

I'm new to blogging, but I am a student of literature and the way that you write to express what you're feeling is truly inspirational. I think we could all learn a lot from you. Thanks.

Kafo said...

@ trUe liTerati: thanks for stopping by.

@ Debbie: :) i'm glad it touched you. i have to admit that since last week, my attempt to get spiritually fit has been met by some hurdles but God is and will always be good

@ Rita: lol Mr. Rita feel off the exercise wagon for ONLY 3 days, I am jealous oooooooo. lol.
On a spiritual level i must admit that i have also been slacking but each day i remember that He will perfect that which concerns me as long as i stay in there and trust in him

@ Daydah: WHO ARE YOU? Seriously
i owe you a call, email, facebook message, text and a chat session. Let's just say that talking is harder than screaming right now but yeah will make sure i do one of the above before september hits and you are as old as mii