Random Thoughts

Sex and the Sabbath.
When you think of sex in the garden of Eden what crosses your mind?
When you think about the sabbath in the garden of Eden what crosses your mind?

When you think about sex in our 21st century culture what crosses your mind?
How about the sabbath in this day and age?

Do you see the similarities between sex and the sabbath back in Eden
Do you see the similarities between sex and the sabbath in today's culture

The Bible or ...
You either believe it is the inspired word and accept it in all it's entirety or you don't.
So when the Bible says that God created the world in 6 days you can't switch boats and talk about fossils and dinosaurs.

Leave and Cleave
Do you first leave your parents house and then cleave to your husband
Or in the cleaving you leave their umbrella of telling you want to do and forge ahead to make your own decisions.
Or HOW IN THE WORLD IS this suppose to work

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh Gen 2:24

Spain vs. Netherlands
Does it matter to you and Am i suppose to care

so my parents are in town visiting and let's just say that when you leave home at age 12 and run into your parents at 26 a billion thoughts and emotions get thrown at you from various directions, so forgive my discombobulating post for today. 


Rita said...

I def see the similarities between sex in the garden of eden and sex now...hope it is not just my creative mind going wild...

You've been away from parents that long? Wow!

Yesterday, Germany broke my heart so I am not watching the spain/netherlands match...I wont care :-)

Anonymous said...

Remarkable difference! The cleaving is definitely true.Short and yet thoughtful

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I can't think of any similarites btw sex in eden vs sex now...the culture is so corrupt now...well in the context of the original purpose of sex...there may be similarites

Wow u haven't seen ur parents since age 12?...hope it all goes well, I know that can be a rather emotional/much more then words can describe experience!

Take care hun!

Mwajim Al said...

Sex in Eden? Sounds pure and unadulterated.. Godly, the way it ought to be.
And now? ouuuuffff... i don't need to tell u.
Cleaving in Eden? It was supposed to be the Man, God and the Woman... and now? Let's just say we let a whole lot of other things cleave into our lives...

P.S Your post got me pondering.

Kafo said...

@ Mwajim Al: hmmm never thought about the other things that we cleave to
thanks for stopping by

@ Blowing Blessings Your Way: I have seen my parents since i was 12 just haven't lived with my dad for a consecutive period ( let's say a month at a time) since then.
I tried to edit the post so it conveys what i was thinking,
the similarities are not between sex back then and now but between sex and the sabbath back then
on one side and then similarities between the way sex and the sabbath are portrayed and used today.

@ Oluremi: i'm still thinking it all thru

@ Rita: i think the most painful gain was the argentina vs. germany. maybe it was because i knew how it ended before i started it. i'm with you on the whole not watching the final

akaBagucci said...

deep questions miss.... not sure i agree that the bible and archaeology are mutually exclusive bodies of knowledge though.. :)

Zoe Believer said...

Wow, Kafo how do you come up with these...each paragraph could be a post on its own...I think I should come here for inspiration..

I was backing Team Orange but Spain played a better game and I think they deserve the trophy.

Hmm as for leaving and cleaving. I think you must leave before you cleave, I think its more than leaving a physical location but about headship. Unmarried we are under the headship of our parents but we must leave them physically, emotionally, financially to cleave to our partners. It doesn't mean we don't listen and acknowledge their advice, we are not just obliged to accept it.

I think this is why traditionally, daddy walks one down the aisle and hands daughter to husband. Mmm, well married folks in the house can help with this one

With the Bible, hopefully I can discipline myself to write a post that has been swirling around in my brain for a few weeks..

Have a great week dear

Kafo said...

@ Zoe: i love what you said about leaving and cleaving, never thought about it that way, transfer of headship

@ akaBagucci: can the two coexist without one being dilluted????