More than a Conqueror Prologue

A conqueror is one who derives satisfaction from the spoils of war.
Never, a conqueror is defined by battles won and conquests earned.
Turn and take a look to your left, there he stands undefeated.
Chest out, smiling as they recount his acts of greatness.
But you, you are more.

Look deeply and one will see that conquerors allow situations to define them but you instead find strength in the knowledge of your worth.

You are much more.

Much more than the titles affixed by man
Or the labels given by society.
More than the disease that riddles your body
You are much more,
More than the degrees earned in the academic halls of this land
Or the money stored up by man to insure against the unplanned.

You are more than your past attempts at victory
Much more than the bruises that mark each fall
More than the stares and jeers.

You are more than size of your jeans or your parents’ biological genes that convened to physically fit you
Catch a clue and see that you are not defined by status, but by a calmness that the world envies.
You are much more,
More than the acquired cars, houses and electronic toys.

Boys without a clue of their origin,
You are more than the evolutionary school of thought that claims you descend from apes.
You are much more than the pessimistic school of thought that sees every opportunity as a waiting failure.
You are much, much more than the narcissistic school of thought that seeks to elevate self at the expense of a friend.

You are more than his unbridled passion that seeks to conquer
Bruised but not broken, you are Love, Mercy, Peace, Kindness
Hope, Joy, Truth, Happiness
You are more

You are so much more.
You are more than a conqueror
You are more than all conquerors

cuz "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:37

This is for two women that I admire.
Today one walked in the rain to take the BAR exam and the other cried for a dream lost to a partner’s indiscretion.
This is part 1, hopefully i will get the conclusion out before my wisdom tooth drives mii insane


Jaycee said...


Hallelujah. Thanks to the Master Craftsman, we are truly more than conquerors. We are not defined by the world's standards, but according to the mysteries of a kingdom higher than this world.

To the one who cried for her dream, it is not dead.

Kafo said...

how are you ooo
hope the state next door is treating well

but according to the mysteries of a kingdom higher than this world

can i include this phrase in the epilogue


disgodkidd said...

me like a lot. with each post you bring me closer to taking that step up the stage to do the spoken word...

Jaycee said...

The state next door is treating me well *giggles* (that's true, you're right next door o). Don't even bother asking. That line was inspired by this post. You're blessed, always remember that.

Lots of love from my end :)

tara douglas said...

i like
I declare that i am more than a conqueror no matter what may try to withstand me.
I will level it
I declare that my obstacles become as flat ground.

Rita said...

"You are more than all conquerors" that is even more interesting to think on...the 2 women u admire really deserve such...pity what they went thru.

Ah, wisdom tooth...that means the posts that will follow will have more wisdom in them :-)

Mwajim Al said...

I love it! This totally just uplifted me this morning as I prep for an oral talk... I'm much more :) Thank you!

P.S Sorry about your wisdom tooth :( Hope you get better soon :)

eni.ola said...

>> before my wisdom tooth drives mii insane

You go to great length to convince me that you are more... and then end by saying your wisdom tooth has the potential to drive you insane ;)

I'm also assuming that 'boy' in "Boy without a clue" is a generic term for man kind cause if it's that's just patently sexist ;)

Seriously, though, thanks for reminding me that I'm actually more (I don't need to earn it) and I hope the two women that inspired this beauty find true fulfillment and happiness.

Kafo said...

@ eni.ola: :) blame it on the spiritual bipolarism
thanks for stopping by

@ Mwajim Al: still battling with the tooth, might get it extracted next week not looking forward to the pain
sniffle sniffle

@ Rita
more wisdom
i don't know oooo

@ Tara douglas
amen and amen

@ jaycee: :)

@ disgodKidd: i tried laying the track down but it required more than i could muster, it is coming tho'

i think i'm personally falling in love with the limits of spoken word as oppose to prose