Skating Rink Disaster???

We went roller skating and I was mentally blown away
Today around midday I was forced to stay and weigh much to my dismay the future
Mostly dressed in yellow shirts that portrayed innocence
I watched in silence from a distance and fear found its place in my heart
Let me start with the sweetheart
Void of uniformity she shone like a star
Each sexually suggestive song was interpreted by her body
The sway of her hips, the tilt of her back, her hair even moved with rhythm
and with a freedom her cherry lips mouthed each anthem
Can you see her?
Skin a creamy hue testimony to her mixed heritage
Eyes held a message, undamaged by life and peppered with courage
barely eight years old and yet she plays the part of seductress perfectly
Main actress, In fairness, I must admit that she is surrounded by countless others
who have made it their sole duty to memorize the lies in an attempt to appear wise
Lyrics that skew the basics redefine their ethics in an indelible manner that isn’t so easy to fix
We indoctrinate them into hell and have them pay three dollars for skates and then hope to someday redeem those which we have trained to gyrate, curse and mimic the cynic who abhors God and elevates self.

I try to scream but my eyes stun my lips into silence
I close the distance hoping that I’ve been deceived but there he sits struggling to stand because the weight of his gut makes it impossible for him to get up.
Setup for disease by cookies and goodies
Two shots away from diabetes
His physical appearance appalling though it may be was a tad bit less frightening,
‘cuz you could see he needed help but there he sat surrounded by a host of others fed cookies of hate, donuts layered in self indulgence and lolli pops dripping with sexual promiscuity
Surely we can’t really believe that what they become comes from trees
and not what they study so diligently.
We expect them to graduate into righteousness, to somehow love a God that we expose them to only once a week.

Then I see him.
Smile the size of texas with curly hair and black eyes he falls down, smiles and then gets up.
Takes a turn around the rink back to where I am, falls once again, smiles and gets back up again,
each fall is meet with a determination to learn,
Learn what?
if only we would realize that these years are golden and take the time to instruct them in the ways of the Lord
if only we would be more concerned about what’s in their hearts and not what they desire
if only we asked for help from the One who created them all in His wonderful image
if only we did this and more then maybe he would learn that he has been called and chosen for a purpose and that each fall met with a smile is the only sacrifice required.

If only.

My kids are in town from Nigeria and we went to this skating rink, there was a Christian camp also at the rink and watching them prompted this piece. It is really sad and i didn't have the time to cute this up a lot but i hope the message gets across.


Jaycee said...

Lessons learned from kids on a skating ring, bad and good. Interesting.

Daydah said...

#iLove this piece - so direct and to the point.
My fave part is:
'if only we would realize that these years are golden and take the time to instruct them in the ways of the Lord'
Seriously, I shudder to think of what we expose our kids to every single hour of the day. And you're right, they grab everything around them and its sad because we dont take the time to teach them what is important in those 'golden years'.

beautiful piece! My love to your kids - our kids actually - LOL

Tisha said...

children are blank canvas we should be careful writing on not just by our words but by our actions and everyday life.

Myne Whitman said...

We do really learn a lot from children. BTW, I love skating and your pics just reminded me.

Kafo said...

@ Myne Whitman: you love skating, i still don't know how to :(

@ Tisha: yep they are and that is why our influence is so detrimental in some respects

@ Daydah: :) i haven't forgotten what i owe you ooooo

@ Jaycee: yep it is