Sabbath Series: 20 - Moving Again sniffle sniffle

I’m moving!!!
I went to church today and in the afternoon I was talking to my kids, I am the chaplain for Pathfinders ( our co-ed Christian based Boy/Girl Scout group for teenagers) and I had to do this little devotion and I just choked up because most of them I will never see again. I cried and as the tears fell I told them to grow up to walk in God’s image and of course they couldn’t comprehend the seriousness of the issue and so they asked when I was returning and I said most of y’all the next time I will see you is in heaven so please make sure you get there ‘cuz it would suck without you and then more tears fell and then I was enveloped in various hugs.

I’m getting on a plane in 10 days and plan to make stops in Indy, Jersey and Oregon,
and only God knows what comes next and i mean that literally

my man is moving out of his apartment and getting a roommate,
my Houston friend is moving back into her parent’s house in Austin for a spell,
my North Carolina sister is also transitioning from med school to bride,
and another friend is skipping town and going to Angola (the country).

And somehow stuck in our mid twenties we are trying to make the most of this situation and it is tough.
For some it means letting go of dreams, for others it is facing reality and re-prioritizing. Others find themselves stuck at the crossroads scared and so they just sit there and hope that someone else will come and make the decision for them. There are a few fortunate souls that are able right now to embrace their dreams and live it out without shame or fear.

What advice do I give myself and all my friends?

Let go jare. It is impossible to receive what God has for you if you are clenching so tightly on to the past. If the past is to be the future then He will reveal it in the present so let go of all the presents that you are convinced represent His presence in your life.

Wow I think I like that.

Forget Jer. 29:11 and embrace Phil. 1:6. The problem with Jeremiah overused promise is that we assume flowers and happy endings but that might be misleading; Paul instead opens his letter to the church in Philippi with these words “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

He will complete the work, not the dream but the work, the work of saving your soul and not padding your bank account.

Okay I’m going to stop now because I’m still learning and processing this through and need to fully accept it myself before I speak it.


Tisha said...

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Jaycee said...

I don't think I'll ever stop favoriting your posts. They touch me in a unique way. There's always something God wants you to achieve when you leave some things behind...*sigh*. It's the next chapter in your book. YES, He will complete the work.

Ok, stop crying and let's go jare...LOL. Fav post for the day!

Gee said...

LOL @ padding the account!
Nice post kafo!

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

I wish you all the best on the new destination that God is taking you to in your journey! I'm sure u'll be just fine.

LET GO JARE!!!...I like that!

Ms.O said...

WOW! This was me last week/month. I was at a crossroads with so many decisions I had to make. Finally found some direction. I love those bible passages.