He Never Promised

Today i watched Gaither Homecoming Videos. There is something about southern gospel music that soothes my logic-warring-with-hope-mind. And today as I sat down and tried to win this war in my mind I needed to be reminded of the bigger picture conveyed with simplistic tunes carrying heaven inspired words.

The Crabb family has this song that rocks and today after listening to it for the umpteenth time i decided to find the lyrics instead i found this piece below and realized that i had to share it. 

The Two-edged promise

He never promised that our cross would not get heavy,
or that the hills would all be easy to climb.
He never promised a life exempt of pain and sorrow,
or that every day the sun was sure to shine.

He never promised to remove all of my heartaches,
or that those I love would never let me down.
He never promised--that I’d be free--from sickness,
or that at times I wouldn’t bear a thorny crown.

He never promised that my friends would all be faithful,
or that every word that’s spoken of me would be kind.
He never promised fame or fortune, or earthly treasures,
or that the rainbow’s pot of gold I’d really find.

He never promised that all my dreams would be fulfilled,
or that every wish upon a star could come true.
He never promised that death would never steal my children,
or that my trials and temptations would be few.


He promised never to leave me, nor forsaken would I be.
My debt he paid, erased all sin, from prison set me free.
He promised me a Mansion, a sidewalk paved with gold,
My body changed now glorified, his face my eyes shall see.

He promised my path to brighten, to my feet provide a lamp,
from my afflictions though they be many, sweet deliverance.
He promised that nightly tears, come morning turn to joy,
From Satan’s realm I could escape, into the Lord’s presence.

He promised when in faith I ask, the answer I’ll receive.
When I say, “ mountain be removed,” it jumps into the sea.
He promised my feet, would be removed from the miry clay,
When on the solid rock I stand, he’s there right next to me.

He promised me so many things, not one do I deserve,
So gracious, kind and merciful, I’ll never comprehend,
He promised me eternal life, in his kingdom to abide.
So with my Lord I’ll always be, his kingdom knows no end!

**** John Wark 2010. 

this is the video that helped started it all today.


Tisha said...

He never promised--that I’d be free--from sickness...

and those that are from zion shall not say 'i am sick'

'I will take sickness away from among you'

'By whose stripes ye were healed'

"He never promised that my friends would all be faithful,
or that every word that’s spoken of me would be kind".

This totally sucks right now, i am moody and my office mate is lying from the right side of her face, disgusting!

Kafo said...

Breathe in and breathe out ooo
and try not to curse her out

Writefreak said...

I like...with the exception the the part about sickness...He promised to take sickness away from our midst...and 1Pet 2:24 would then be a lie!

How're you?

Tisha said...

I am not cursing... (chuckles)
All i do is white balance everything i read with the word of God.

...and i understand that experience must have thought her that those lines are true but with God's word experience is not always true.


Tisha said...

o you mean my office mate, we have reconciled a little i think!

We should be fine by sunday, i'll make it up to her...

I was just out of it yesterday

Kafo said...

@ Writefreak: I am well ooooo God is good and even tho' i sometimes complain he is still good.
Yes he promised to take away our sickness but not all Christians are healed of their diseases so ......
i really don't know oooooo

@ Tisha: ahhhh I see.