Skating Rink Disaster???

We went roller skating and I was mentally blown away
Today around midday I was forced to stay and weigh much to my dismay the future
Mostly dressed in yellow shirts that portrayed innocence
I watched in silence from a distance and fear found its place in my heart
Let me start with the sweetheart
Void of uniformity she shone like a star
Each sexually suggestive song was interpreted by her body
The sway of her hips, the tilt of her back, her hair even moved with rhythm
and with a freedom her cherry lips mouthed each anthem
Can you see her?
Skin a creamy hue testimony to her mixed heritage
Eyes held a message, undamaged by life and peppered with courage
barely eight years old and yet she plays the part of seductress perfectly
Main actress, In fairness, I must admit that she is surrounded by countless others
who have made it their sole duty to memorize the lies in an attempt to appear wise
Lyrics that skew the basics redefine their ethics in an indelible manner that isn’t so easy to fix
We indoctrinate them into hell and have them pay three dollars for skates and then hope to someday redeem those which we have trained to gyrate, curse and mimic the cynic who abhors God and elevates self.

I try to scream but my eyes stun my lips into silence
I close the distance hoping that I’ve been deceived but there he sits struggling to stand because the weight of his gut makes it impossible for him to get up.
Setup for disease by cookies and goodies
Two shots away from diabetes
His physical appearance appalling though it may be was a tad bit less frightening,
‘cuz you could see he needed help but there he sat surrounded by a host of others fed cookies of hate, donuts layered in self indulgence and lolli pops dripping with sexual promiscuity
Surely we can’t really believe that what they become comes from trees
and not what they study so diligently.
We expect them to graduate into righteousness, to somehow love a God that we expose them to only once a week.

Then I see him.
Smile the size of texas with curly hair and black eyes he falls down, smiles and then gets up.
Takes a turn around the rink back to where I am, falls once again, smiles and gets back up again,
each fall is meet with a determination to learn,
Learn what?
if only we would realize that these years are golden and take the time to instruct them in the ways of the Lord
if only we would be more concerned about what’s in their hearts and not what they desire
if only we asked for help from the One who created them all in His wonderful image
if only we did this and more then maybe he would learn that he has been called and chosen for a purpose and that each fall met with a smile is the only sacrifice required.

If only.

My kids are in town from Nigeria and we went to this skating rink, there was a Christian camp also at the rink and watching them prompted this piece. It is really sad and i didn't have the time to cute this up a lot but i hope the message gets across.

Ode to Traffic: Destination or Journey?

1-10 W to 59N get off onto 45S and then take exit 21 onto Faith Blvd, stay on Faith for 4 miles until you reach destination on your right.
too many traffic lights
1-10 W to 59N get off onto 45S and then take exit 25 onto Compromise Drive go 1.5 miles, turn right onto Faith, destination is at the corner of Compromise and Faith Blvd.
no that won’t either work
I-10 W to 59N get on the loop (610 headed South) and then bypass Faith Blvd. by staying on the feeder arrive at destination in 38 minutes
hmmm i think i like this route

Which do you choose, the fastest route with the least amount of stops that bypasses any interaction or the one that meanders through the streets of the community and is afflicted by the plights of the ordinary. We are conditioned, by technology which is as much of a blessing as it is a curse to always try and choose the fastest, less cumbersome route to get to our destination but the Christian walk is one mired with stops, traffic lights, pedestrians and yielding the right of way.

Like clay, we must go through the process each day to arrive at our destination fashioned in His image. The journey is crucial to reaching the destination, both are equally important. There is a brand of Christianity that markets traffic free trips, void of stop lights, setbacks and road construction. Beware because each shortcut taken to save a minute, to reduce our pain is one more character flaw, one more layer that must be later removed before we arrive at our final destination.

We will never succeed as long as we follow a bunch of rules, a bunch of steps to reach our destination. The road is fraught with detours and accidents that can only be maneuvered through by the One who knows the end from the beginning. The journey is a process of surrender, not knowing how but trusting that He will take you through each valley, each highway until you reach the other side.

Closing thought: The hardest thing is letting go when you believe you are in control. And so He uses disappointments to help us realize that we are stuck in a room blindfolded and the only way we can make it to the door is by first holding on to his hand and THEN taking a step.

Who walks in darkness and has no light?
Let him trust in the name of the Lord and rely upon his God. Isaiah 50:10

Sickle Cell Warriors

This is a shout out to all the Sickle Cell Warriors out there

As you celebrate this day
You are strong
You are beautiful
You are life fused with hope that conquers pain
You are heart, soul, mind,
and life.

You are resilient, resourceful and resolute
sometimes bruised and tired
but moreover alive
You life speak volumes each day as you strive to make your mark and not cower beneath the weight of this disease.
With ease you celebrate this trait passed down by refusing to wait for doctors to dictate what you can and cannot do
Your scars enhance you true beauty
Sometimes weary, but like the eagle you daily take on battles that might seem futile
Faithful and true that is you
Chronicled by hospital visits and pain medication
Some might want to use this disease to define you but you refute their labels by simple being true to you
You deserve a standing ovation for your tireless struggle.

And so I pause.
I pause on this day of rest to say,
You are beautiful each day that you choose to see the sunrise as a blessing,
You are courageous for each crisis that you refuse to let conquer your indomitable spirit,
You are resilient and resourceful for juggling jobs, families, sickness, checkups, setbacks, pain meds and stereotypes
You are heart, you are spirit
You are mind, you are body
You are life
You are loved
You are beautiful.
 and today I thank God for you


For more information on the fight of Sickle Cell Warriors check out

An Ode to Traffic in 4 or more parts

Dreams filed away
Trying to keep the tears at bay
On life's highway one is left to wonder
is being stuck in traffic worse than going in circles
engine idles so we grumble unable to accept the temporary delay,
so today, we fail to pray, fall prey instead to misery and doubt.
Grasping at straws, looking for an alternate route we go without Him  in search of a bailout
a worthless workout, 'cuz fuel burns, time passes and we are still back where we started, running around in circles.

A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.(Proverbs 16:9)

so get comfortable and embrace the traffic ....

....This is the intro to this traffic thingy that i was suppose to write in March but never got around to it. It might be 3 or 4 parts it still is just thoughts in my brain
but yeah 
back in Indy (after 3 years in Houston & California)
G.I.G: God is good!!!!

He Never Promised

Today i watched Gaither Homecoming Videos. There is something about southern gospel music that soothes my logic-warring-with-hope-mind. And today as I sat down and tried to win this war in my mind I needed to be reminded of the bigger picture conveyed with simplistic tunes carrying heaven inspired words.

The Crabb family has this song that rocks and today after listening to it for the umpteenth time i decided to find the lyrics instead i found this piece below and realized that i had to share it. 

The Two-edged promise

He never promised that our cross would not get heavy,
or that the hills would all be easy to climb.
He never promised a life exempt of pain and sorrow,
or that every day the sun was sure to shine.

He never promised to remove all of my heartaches,
or that those I love would never let me down.
He never promised--that I’d be free--from sickness,
or that at times I wouldn’t bear a thorny crown.

He never promised that my friends would all be faithful,
or that every word that’s spoken of me would be kind.
He never promised fame or fortune, or earthly treasures,
or that the rainbow’s pot of gold I’d really find.

He never promised that all my dreams would be fulfilled,
or that every wish upon a star could come true.
He never promised that death would never steal my children,
or that my trials and temptations would be few.


He promised never to leave me, nor forsaken would I be.
My debt he paid, erased all sin, from prison set me free.
He promised me a Mansion, a sidewalk paved with gold,
My body changed now glorified, his face my eyes shall see.

He promised my path to brighten, to my feet provide a lamp,
from my afflictions though they be many, sweet deliverance.
He promised that nightly tears, come morning turn to joy,
From Satan’s realm I could escape, into the Lord’s presence.

He promised when in faith I ask, the answer I’ll receive.
When I say, “ mountain be removed,” it jumps into the sea.
He promised my feet, would be removed from the miry clay,
When on the solid rock I stand, he’s there right next to me.

He promised me so many things, not one do I deserve,
So gracious, kind and merciful, I’ll never comprehend,
He promised me eternal life, in his kingdom to abide.
So with my Lord I’ll always be, his kingdom knows no end!

**** John Wark 2010. 

this is the video that helped started it all today.

Sabbath Series: 20 - Moving Again sniffle sniffle

I’m moving!!!
I went to church today and in the afternoon I was talking to my kids, I am the chaplain for Pathfinders ( our co-ed Christian based Boy/Girl Scout group for teenagers) and I had to do this little devotion and I just choked up because most of them I will never see again. I cried and as the tears fell I told them to grow up to walk in God’s image and of course they couldn’t comprehend the seriousness of the issue and so they asked when I was returning and I said most of y’all the next time I will see you is in heaven so please make sure you get there ‘cuz it would suck without you and then more tears fell and then I was enveloped in various hugs.

I’m getting on a plane in 10 days and plan to make stops in Indy, Jersey and Oregon,
and only God knows what comes next and i mean that literally

my man is moving out of his apartment and getting a roommate,
my Houston friend is moving back into her parent’s house in Austin for a spell,
my North Carolina sister is also transitioning from med school to bride,
and another friend is skipping town and going to Angola (the country).

And somehow stuck in our mid twenties we are trying to make the most of this situation and it is tough.
For some it means letting go of dreams, for others it is facing reality and re-prioritizing. Others find themselves stuck at the crossroads scared and so they just sit there and hope that someone else will come and make the decision for them. There are a few fortunate souls that are able right now to embrace their dreams and live it out without shame or fear.

What advice do I give myself and all my friends?

Let go jare. It is impossible to receive what God has for you if you are clenching so tightly on to the past. If the past is to be the future then He will reveal it in the present so let go of all the presents that you are convinced represent His presence in your life.

Wow I think I like that.

Forget Jer. 29:11 and embrace Phil. 1:6. The problem with Jeremiah overused promise is that we assume flowers and happy endings but that might be misleading; Paul instead opens his letter to the church in Philippi with these words “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

He will complete the work, not the dream but the work, the work of saving your soul and not padding your bank account.

Okay I’m going to stop now because I’m still learning and processing this through and need to fully accept it myself before I speak it.

To steal or To ask? That is the question

Have you ever tried to steal what is rightfully yours?
Have you ever plotted to regain that which belongs to you?

So here is the story. 
(can't go into details 'cuz walls have ears and blogs have microphones)
I am going to steal what rightfully belongs to me because I am too weak to actually just ask for it. I have to admit that stealing this item will require me
skip a promising conversation,
spend three hours going through tons of papers and files,
memorize the location of at least 100 files,
remember to return the files to their original state,
pretend that I woke up late,
postpone an inevitable confrontation,
spend three hours sweating,
pack enough perfume to conceal the sweat that will occur,
arrive at an “event” pretty late,
sour the day,
and confirm my ineptness in handling sticky social issues.

Or I could just ask for it.  
Well actually in my situation I can’t hence the covert operation.

It’s weird, I am going to steal this item just because I shy away from confrontations but while I was plotting my theft I realized that on some level as Christians we do this. We steal what God wants to give us so freely; we plot ways to obtain when all we really have to do is ask for it.
Right now I’m stunned by the simplicity of following Christ.
It’s like dude all you got to do is ask
and yet instead we plot, steal, lie, connive,

In order to obtain peace, find joy, reduce loneliness, relieve anxiety we go to extreme lengths.

Item: Self Esteem Plot: liposuction in a country with cheap medical costs
Item: Happiness Plot: spend money on clothes, shoes, TVs, cars, planes etc
Item: Success Plot: lie on resumes, cheat on exams, marry Americans, lie on paperwork, betray a friend at work, lose our moral compass and …..
 and I could go on but I think y’all get it.

When you consider the amount of “work” that you have to put in to try and obtain “the item” seriously at some point you just might have to ask yourself if Asking God wouldn't be a whole lot easier.

But yeah wish mii luck that I don’t get caught ooooooooooooooooooo

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