Please forget your name

forget it all
I beg you to forget my name
Blame your lost memories on the pain
Erase from your brain every moment we spent together
Do this and live.
You are no longer mine
I am dead to you
Choose a new name and embrace it
Do not even dream about the past for your bedtime whispers might betray you
and then they will find mii and return you to mii
I will then sit and watch
I will sit and watch you as you remember us
I will see you beg and I will be powerless to stop your pain
I will sit and then I will watch you die
So please my child, I beg you, please forget our name, forget us all and live.

Four months after the earthquake and life in Haiti is still a struggle
Parents are abandoning their children and telling them that they should pose as orphans in an effort to save their lives. Some are even going as far as telling their children to change their last name so that they won't be traced.
This struck a nerve cuz i come from a culture in which your family name and heritage define you and so to be confronted with a situation in which you force your kids to lie in order that they might live ....

so please
don't forget Haiti
let your thoughts give way to action


Jaycee said...

Thanks for putting Haiti on my mind today.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

hmm, this stired up something inside of me..

Tisha said...

kafo you blow my mind.

please if you are on fb add me
then add this poem.
you are so much a book reading material.

i like
i pray for solace and comfort for the peeps in haiti

StandTall-The Activist said...

I sighed!

Kafo said...

@ StandTall: this really struck a nerve when i read about it and i just couldn't comprehend it all

@ Tisha: as per your request i made a fan page on Facebook, took awhile but i got around to it

@ The Life: the article did the same to mii. GIG: God is Good

@ Jaycee: it is raining outside now and in Haiti hurricane season is about to hit and today i think of them and wonder and pray and wish i could do more