In a league of Crazy People

Call me crazy but I believe that Jesus can do something
Now more than ever these words strike a chord because here I am in a familiar place of bumnisity (the state of being a bum)
Its been almost three years since I was here at this place of complete scopelessness
(having absolutely no idea what comes next)  and so I trip and reluctantly fall into this familiar role where my dreams live in my car told only to my steering wheel because to speak them to another soul would unleash a tide of tears.

So I sit
I sit and wonder about compromise and how it has been camouflaged by family members, pastors and friends as survival and wonder if I’m crazy for rejecting their wise advise.
Each day I’m reminded that I’m in this same situation of bumful  scopelessness only because I trusted God and stayed true to His word.

I role out of bed, convinced that I’m insane cuz the sun is barely up and my mind has already done three laps of fear tinged recollection
Then I pause and embrace the craziness
I embrace it cuz I can’t find a league of normal people

David, an untrained civilian, deliverer of cheese and bread, decides to take on Goliath with stones
Noah predicted the end of the world and built a huge bunker-like device (ark) to save people
Zaccheus, a god among Ponzi scammers, returned quadrupled assets to his investors
Daniel decided that spending the night with lions was less scary than not praying
Abraham sold his land and became an illegal immigrant in a foreign country
Moses returned to a country where he was wanted for first-degree murder
Joseph turned down HOT sex with a beautiful lady with connections
Ruth, a widow moved in with her decrepit old poor mother-in-law
Hosea marries and sleeps with a possible STD infected lady
John, towncrier gave up his head to herald his cousin
Paul alerted the cops after he broke out of jail
and the list continues ...

So yeah, I get out of bed and lived the day
now as I type the day is almost over, Sunshine is here and
I don’t know

I really don’t know 


simeone said...

mhenn,, kafo.. this is deep..
there's one thing you know though.
you know in whom you have believed..

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Its okay no to know sometimes...just trust God because he will never fail you...he's the only one who sees the end from the beginning.

Myne Whitman said...

Call me crazy too please, lol. This is great insight.

Jaycee said...

LOL @ "I embrace it cuz I can’t find a league of normal people."

Crazy God chasers will never be normal people.

Reverence said...

i love this.. like a lot. wow!!!

jhazmyn said...

Simeone said it....hold on tight to that which you know....someday, the "senseless" ways would make a whole lotta sense.

Deep words

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

But all the people you have listed sugar were not normal, if they were, they would not have made it on that list..
the characteristics you have mentioned could be termed as some sort of psycological disorders, that would require some intense therapy :), i.e., which may require inducement with some compunds which has passed the FDA test :).. .. infact the "grammer" that may need to spoken concerning their psycological state of mind havnt even

so thats why they are called crazies.. But thak God we are crazieess to the world and sane to God.. because doing what He asks us to do, will NEVER make sense to normal folks.

But don't forget.. there is indeed a league of crazy people.. as Elijah found out when he thought he was in it on his own (and hadn't realsied there were still some 7000 still serving God - 1 Kings 19:9-18)...

Know this.. He that is with is MORE THAN ABLE... and He will surely fulfil His promises in your life.. as long as He commands it, He will do it.

Tisha said...

Crazy God chasers will never be normal people.

Why would you want to be normal when you can be supernatural.

If God has given you a word, keep going, don't stop, don't look back, guess i have done some crazy things too cos i was trusting God and he showed up.

Kafo said...

@ Tisha: i like that
Why would you want to be normal when you can be supernatural

@ The Life of a stranger called me: hold on ooooooo :( all this psychology lol.
yeah that's when i ended up,
the more i thought about these people the more i realized that they weren't the norm in their day so there is still hope for me

@ jhazmyn: someday the senseless ways would make a whole lotta sense, i like that one too
can i quote you

@ Reverence: GIG:-God is Good

@ Jaycee: i have to admit that at some point in my life i spent a significant amount of time trying to find such a league but alas none exists
sniffle sniffle

@ Myne Whitman: lol

@ Blowing Blessings Your Way: true, so very true
i just wish He would send an email

@ Simeone: amen and amen again