Three thoughts @ 7:34am

I'm usually not mentally awake at this time in the morning.
Might be physically going thru' the motions but mentally i'm normally asleep
but today my brain woke up awake 

The definition of insanity by some is
doing the same thing and expecting a different result.So
if you prayed and God didn't answer and you are still praying
does that make you insane?

Saw this quote and just had to share it
Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders and says...

Oh no.... he's awake!!"

The best thing you can do is trust a Known God with your unknown future.
Now if you don't know God then i guess trusting Him would be impossible, and peace you will never find cuz the future will always be unknown.

 enjoy the rest of your day


Tisha said...


Tisha said...

No. 1
When you have prayed, you just thank God for answered prayers...

Just be spiritually alert and ready to run if God says 'go'.

I don't know how i coped before i met Christ, i guess i was a little 'know-it-all' till i found out i didn't know it at all.


Jaycee said...

I love No.3.

About No.1, that definition does not apply to talking with our Dad. We're just telling Him how we really feel, doesn't make us insane. Lol.

Fabulo-la said...

No.1 Hmmmm..but arent we (christians) already considered insane?

Mehn...No.3 is currently my truth. How else really can we live??

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i like 2 and 3

Remi, United Kingdom said...

I like this..

No 1 If you are praying about something specific - thank God for answered prayers. If it is not according to His will for you, then He will let you know. Or if you need to do something as your part of the manifestation, He will let you know that too. He answers even before we utter the first word of prayer. If its just normal prayer, well you having conversation with Daddy, so not insane oh.. lol

no 2...I love that.. I remember a few times when I am fasting and praying, I can hear clearing word such as "eh hen, she has started praying again and lots of hissing" chei... we sure don't fight in the physical. Satan needs to shiver and temble when we arise from sleep! love it

No 3. Perfect Will of God - never fails. He has already written the book of our live, every single page of it.. so better to trust to the Author of this life eh?

Thanks for sharing.

Much love x

Street Preacher said...


kimb@iseewords said...

Hmm, is the word 'yet' missing from #1? I may not always like it, but God always seems to answer -- yes, no, wait :)!

Love 2 and esp. 3...just to know Him, yeah...


Favoured Girl said...

I love 2 and 3

As for No. 1 - the answer is no, it doesn't make you insane. It probably means God has answered "no" or "wait" but you want to hear a different answer.

于雅慧毓 said...

When love puts in, friendship is gone.......................................................

David C Brown said...

1) Maybe God enjoyed your prayer so much that he wanted to hear it again!

aloted said...

2 and 3 me like!

no 1 i dunno o!